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The Cure Zone
IRS-Stress - Bound Letters

In the early 90s IRS threatened me so constantly
that the stress caused a painful vitamin B12

In 1996 I sent the Congressional Committee on
Taxation and IRS Oversight a copy of dozens of my
letters, all unsuccessful in getting IRS to correct its
error which had destroyed my business as a
Realtor. The Senate held effective hearings.
B12 Malabsorption

Without enough vitamin B12 your body has a
problem making the red blood cells needed to
carry oxygen where it is needed. If untreated,
loss of feeling may become permanent.
Privy Pit

I didn't know I was living over an outdoor toilet pit.
I trusted the developer, Santa Fe Properties'
broker, Wally Sargent. I bought from him directly.
Living there I began
falling. The pit caused
hydrogen sulfide affecting soft tissue, balance,
lungs, memory.
Tetanus ~~
When gardening becomes life threatening. Could Tetanus
happen to you?
Pro-Se Shock !
Before the hearing to confirm the sale of my condo after the
default foreclosure, the judge said, "no way" I'd get my condo
back. 4/18/2013 - 7 yrs later,
due process eviscerated, NO
way. Justice in the US?  a tv fantasy!
Working Well
Things that work well. From the cooling effect of landscaping to
Weather Stations and quick, easy cleaning aids.
Angel of Divine Love

    I give this burden to the Angel of Divine Love.
    The Angel of Divine Love is in this situation
    and in all persons connected with this
    organization. The Angel of Divine Love now
    reigns supreme.
TD Ameritrade Fails a Disabled Client
I traded stocks using TD Ameritrade until Command Center no
longer showed dollars as well as cents. I asked for help but got
misinformation. When I couldn't trade to cover my mortgage I
used my principle, which soon was gone.
Solar ~ An Excellent Decision

It's chillingly to be hurt knowingly by someone.
So after PNM turned off my power I decided I
would protect myself in the future: I got solar!
The Beauty
of Sending and Receiving Flowers

This page was lovely fun to make. I hope
it's fun to use ~ I just sent flowers to
someone I've been thankful to for years.
It felt good.
Vitamin B12 History and Illustrations

How our bodies get B12 from food is
complicated, making it easy for us to become
B12 deficient. I drew pictures to help make the
process clearer. Low B12 symptoms are listed.
In order to use vitamin B12 in food we need stomach acid.
Too little stomach acid is called "hypochlorhydria." Use of
antacids (Tums, Prilosec, etc.) can cause this condition, so
can h. pylori. Symptoms of low stomach acid are listed.
What is a Healthy Vitamin B12 Level?
In stark contrast to the U.S. there are countries where the
lowest normal level for vitamin B12 is 550 because at that
level memory loss and other signs of deficiency are seen.
Fingernail Lines/Ridges Reflect B12

Pictures show changes in the ridges and
moons on my fingernails correlating with
changes in B12 levels and symptoms. B12
replacement is not fast due to the depth of the
problem, but it is effective!
Methylcobalamin is the form of vitamin B12 our bodies use.
Methylcobalamin regenerates nerves.
Enjoy FREE Electricity Instantly!
There are lots of things you can run on the sun -- right out of
the box! Begin using free energy from the sun. Learn to use
energy differently, joyously.
Low Vitamin B12 Is Often Undiagnosed
Low vitamin B12 is often mistaken for serious diseases which
are then "treated" instead of the cause of the problem.
Vitamin B12 Research
Excerpts discuss depression, memory loss, changes in
sensation and other consequences of low vitamin B12.
Recovery is best when deficiency is caught early.
Thumbnail of Linens and a Story page

I love new linens! I love changing the look
and feel of a room so easily. I say, "Fight
depression with new linens and
Methylcobalamin!" Also, I've tried my hand
at a short story, so short in fact that perhaps
I have it confused with Haiku.
A Messy Business

U.S. News & World Report used some of my
experience of abuse by IRS to lead off their
piece on IRS abuse.

It amazed me that being listened to was
healing, and I slept better afterwards.
They Shut Off My Lights

April 4, 2007, San Isidro Day ~~ patron saint of
agriculture. It was still in the 20s at night. I asked
for two days to pay, but was left with no heat,
lights, or phone. I wasn't well enough to walk next
door. That spurred me to change dramatically.
Foods Containing Vitamin B12
All vitamin B12 comes from micro-organisms. Famous
sources of B12 are eggs, meat, dairy, seafood. The
amount in food is small in contrast to the amount of stress
in our lives ~~ Stress rapidly depletes B12.
Vitamin B12 Helps Lower Homocysteine
A woman called to thank me for my site due to this page: after
month of methylcobalamin her homocysteine tested normal.
Potassium and Foods Containing It
As you replace vitamin B12  your blood cells return to
normal and you need more potassium to avoid weakness
and painful muscle spasms.  
Health Time Line
I began this Time Line about 7 months after I moved into my
condo and began having several health problems.
Milk Thistle
Milk Thistle rids your liver of toxins ~~ enough to feel a
marked difference. And, it protects your liver.
Red Splotches on My Goldfish

When my goldfish developed reddish
splotches I took action. I also noticed that
infections in fish and people sometimes show
themselves similarly.

My pet ends this page. They endured living in
a punch bowl, then were rewarded with a
lovely planted aquarium, and another, and...
This is a Fingernail, Obviously

Health Boundaries Bite

Did barbed wire ever tear into you? Health boundaries are
worse. Health boundaries can permanently impair and range
from misdiagnoses to stress, like that of foreclosure, and toxins.
Luckily our
fingernails reflect our health and show us warning

In the Health Boundaries Bite picture you see planted hills and a
barbed wire fence. The barbed wire "health boundary" is a small
part of the picture but a health boundary can dominate.

Health boundaries have dramatically affected me. Had I been
more savvy, I could have avoided getting ripped by some of the
"barbed wire." I hope my site helps you avoid injuries.

The three worst injuries were IRS putting me out of business by
enforcing for 1984 which I'd paid in 1985. I've devoted a section
of this site to that experience for two reasons:

1. If you're facing a similar unfair situation, you need to know
how dangerous it is to your health. My health has never fully
recovered. However, B12 helps. Check out
Symptoms of low
vitamin B12. If I'd understood about nerves and vitamin B12
sooner, I'd be healthier today.

2. Abuse by IRS is common, but there's often a great distance
between one victim and another, making it hard to unite for
support or to create change. Knowing you're not alone helps
defeat the devastating health impact of wrongful IRS
enforcement. If we all got together we could have
The Fair Tax.

Another health boundary is the "justice" system. It's not really
oriented to justice. I discovered this when IRS put me out of
business, resulting in foreclosures because I no longer had an
income with which to pay my mortgages.

A lawyer said she would take my case
pro bono but would do no
counterclaims. Without counterclaims I would have lost
everything. It's lucky I began acting for myself,
pro se.

I saved my property, but over the years the attitude of courts
changed to favor nearly anything a lawyer said, and disfavor
everything that could help a Pro Se party.

In the end, I discovered that even due process, the very basis of
justice and the rule of law, no longer exist in the United States
for many pro se parties.

Nevertheless, if I had not represented myself my situation would
be worse today. So, I'm sharing some of my "pleadings" and the
discovery I used to keep my home from foreclosure.
This Is a Fingernail, Obviously Learn
how your fingernails reflect your health

After years of abuse by IRS my fingernails had
ridges. I had pain, memory problems, and
depression. Discovering my vitamin B12 deficiency
led to B12 replacement. Things improved! Now I'm
sharing how that worked: Methylcobalamin is the
form of B12 our bodies use to repair damage.
Numbness and B12
Numbness can be a symptom of low vitamin B12, even in
diabetes. Loss of feeling in your feet is serious. Feeling can be
regained using methylcobalamin.
Pins and Needles
A pins and needles sensation often comes from low vitamin
B12 and low magnesium levels. B12 replacement often makes
it go away.
Foods Containing Magnesium
Low magnesium can cause muscle cramps, migraines, and
anxiety. Fresh vegetables are a good source of magnesium.
Cooked vegetables lose some of their magnesium.
Quercetin and Foods Containing Quercetin
Quercetin has a history of use by nutritional physicians as an
anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy agent. Quercetin reduces the
chance of getting skin cancer, which is why I use it.
Body pH and Health

People with cancer tend to have low pH, an acidic
condition of the body. From that one meager fact
alone, we want to avoid an acidic body condition.

Many diseases are linked to low pH, for instance,
Astaxanthin  (Pronounced Asta-xan-thin)

h.pylori which affects the stomach lining causing
ulcers, even cancer, and stops absorption of  
B12 and magnesium is killed by Astaxanthin.

Astaxanthin reduces inflammation, is a powerful
antioxidant, and provides natural sun protection.
Foods Good for Your Body pH
In our bodies a pH of 1.0 to 6.9 is considered acidic, 7.0 is
neutral and 7.1 to 14.0 is alkaline. The lower the pH, the more
acidic and the more likely we are to have health issues to
include cancer. A higher pH tends to correspond with health.
My Condo After I Fixed the Pit

I didn't rent my condo after I moved:  The
structural engineer had said there might be a
2nd pit. After tests for safety I finished
remediation, readied my condo to sell but it had
been foreclosed/sold.
Gardening for Vitamins and Beauty

Gardening gives you fresh, healthy food that you
know doesn't contain pesticides. Plus, gardening
relieves stress and provides some exercise.

The amount of vitamins in veggies may surprise
you ~ see veggies compared to a multi-vitamin.
Structural Engineer's Report
5. The location, size and orientation of the holes... and the
loose, high organic content of the soil... indicates... remnants
of privy pits that served the original building.
Grow a Dandelion ~~ Save a Bee
I was enjoying early spring warmth when I began seeing bees,
some frantic. There were no flowers. The Lenten roses were
no where near flowering. I felt as if I should do something.
Symptoms of Low Vitamin B12
Low vitamin B12 affects blood and nerves. If you have
symptoms and take early action you can protect yourself
from permanent nerve damage and pain.
My B12 Experience
The impact of low B12 on my life was so significant I started
this website. Doctors ignored vitamin B12 and pushed me
toward drugs. If I'd had B12 sooner I'd be healthier today.
Stress and Vitamin B12
Your body is not invincible when it comes to stress. Under
stress you need more B12 to help you handle the stress.

Custom Search
Tinfoil in the Garden
Square Foot Gardening said a piece of tinfoil at the base of
plants in part shade would help them ~~ I had to try it.
I was amazed at the results!
Contact me
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Negative Ions ~ Healthy ~ Offset Toxins
Fresh pine forest and seashore air carries around 4000
negative ions per cubic centimeter whereas city air during
rush hour has around 100 to 120 ions.
Maca ~ Andian Super Food
Maca is rich in potassium and phytonutrients (ones
provided by plants).
Egyptian "Walking" Onions
Onions are a source of quercetin. Egyptian walking onions form
baby bulbs atop their leaves ~ no more buying onion sets. Great
spring onions and, prolific! not to mention visually fun.
Mega B Vitamins Don't Raise B12
But Do Get Rid of Allergies

I thought MegaB vitamins with B12 would
cure my low vitamin B12. They did not. But
they made my allergies go away. When I
didn't take them, Allergies returned.
Avocado, Tinfoil, Compost and Candle Heating
My living room is cool during the summer and not very bright
during the winter due to my clerestory. Getting light and heat
for my avocado taught me a lot and improved my life.
Vitamin B12 and Weight Loss
It was hard to imagine no longer being fat. I had to change my
image of myself. B12 rich foods helped change my metabolism,
and I got thinner ~~~ Easily.
Sleep and Vitamin B12
Low vitamin B12 adversely affects sleep. Bright light therapy,
the pineal hormone melatonin and vitamin B12 have been
shown to help restore healthy, normal sleep patterns.
Hans Nieper, a German doctor and scientist, discovered this
natural enzyme over 20 years ago. It has been used in Japan
and Europe for years as a natural alternative for
pain relief.
Vein Photos after Taking

After taking Serrapeptase for a bit I had an
uncomfortable feeling around my left ankle
as if I was feeling it working. I took a photo;
about two weeks later I took another. Look
at the two photos - see what you think.
GMO vs NON GMO ~ Nutrient Contrast
modified to work with glyphosate are equivalent to organically
grown. But, are they? Look at a comparison chart and decide.
Meat, Dairy, Eggs... And our Choices

Meat, dairy and eggs for protein, calcium, B12???

We're taught to eat meat and drink milk daily for our
health. But, are there healthier choices? Especially
today when the vast majority of U.S. meat is
produced using vast amounts of antibiotics.
Wild Spinach ~ Lamb's Quarters ~ Indian Spinach
Here's a plant that by any of its names will taste as sweet. And,
it's very likely to be growing in your yard. In terms of nutrient
content it's second only to Amaranth.
Pain and Vitamin B12

Pain is life altering, as indeed you know if you
are living in pain.

Did you know there's a correlation between low
levels of vitamin B12 and subacute spinal cord
Going to Court Pro Se
I wouldn't be in my home if I hadn't fought its foreclosure as a self represented
party. My garden is worth the huge, ongoing effort that the fight takes.
How Pain Increases ~ Put a Stop to it
Calcium ions increase pain impulses by activating certain
enzymes. Diseases and injuries that compromise the myelin
sheath on nerves dramatically increase neuropathic pain.

...     ....
Gardener's Supply Company
Yogurt Making
Yogurt puts good micro-organisms into your digestive system to crowd
out bad ones like dangerous h.pylori that keep you from getting B12 and
magnesium from food you eat and leads to ulcers and stomach cancer.
Changing my Mind ~ Transformation
I changed my legal papers room in order to change my mind
from Lament to Rejoice.
Thumbnail of The Beauty of Sending and Receiving Flowers page

Health Boundaries Bite
Areas of Cognition
Cognitive disorders appear in many diseases and affect
memory, both acquisition and retrieval, abstract reasoning and
problem solving, information processing, and more.

You and Vitamin B12

Your blood, your nerves, your brain ~ as important as these parts of you
are, that's how important vitamin B12 is to you. Your B12 level affects you
profoundly in many ways, on many levels. When you are fighting
foreclosure, as just one example, your nerves, your brain, even your blood
are affected, so knowing about vitamin B12 can help you survive.

Effectively Reduce Pain

Once pain takes hold, it's hard to break its grasp. Understanding the
link between pain, nerves and nutrients can set you free.

Your Best Source of Nutrients

The busier we become the more likely we are to rely on bottles of vitamins,
forgetting that the vitamins come from living things and that we ourselves could
grow the living things for fresh, unbeatable nutrition.

And then... the things that shape us and our lives

I have always loved the gnarled tree growing improbably from a cliff ledge. A perfect,
symmetrical tree has never seemed as interesting to me and in the end, I love the
gnarling in my life.


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Counterclaim in Answer to Foreclosure

Discovery ~ Interrogatories to Wells Fargo

Request for Admissions from Wells Fargo

Letters to and from Wells Fargo re: Home Affordable Modification (HAMP)

Were you given a trial period, then refused Modification? Try this case law

Why I'm in Forecosure