The advice may not have been meant for you in your
circumstances, or, in other words, the advice may have been
based on misunderstanding or incomplete knowledge.

To Illustrate what I
mean, here is a
picture of Gerbera
daisy plants I grew
from seeds planted
on the same day.
Which is the result
of following
professional advice?

As seedlings they
were equal in every
respect. But, that
changed when I followed professional advice and put one in full
sun. The other I put in partial shade to fill things out in the
shady corner of my garden.

Which is which? The one grown following professional advice
is on the left. (I surmise the South Carolina professionals were
thinking of full sun with the kind of humidity they are familiar
with in South Carolina.) In my New Mexico garden the advice
stunted my plant.

When it comes to health, professional medical advice is often
the same in terms of speaking to a set of knowns, as opposed
to speaking specifically to you.

For instance, low vitamin B12 can affect someone's balance, or
their blood may show the characteristic signs of anemia, or they
may become depressed, etc. For a long time doctors believed
that if someone did not have blood cell changes associated
with anemia, they could not be low in B12. That has now
changed, somewhat.

Consider this email which I received a few days ago:

    "I experienced severe neurological and cognitive
    symptoms 20 years ago. I was misdiagnosed with
    psychiatric problems; then in 2000 diagnosed myself with
    B12 deficiency. By that time my serum level was 38ng/L. I
    was treated with injections then oral methyl-cobalamin.
    My  deficiency was too chronic and severe for the
    symptoms to improve significantly.

    "I am now back to taking 1000mcg (1mg) methylcobalamin.
    I was taking 5000mcg (5mg) per advice of an internet B12
    doctor. But my doctors here discouraged me from taking
    as much when my B12 serum level rose to over 2000ng/L.
    Did a doctor advise you to take 30000mcg (30mg)? I was
    treated at a major medical institution in San Franciso and
    they didn't really seem to have a clue about what B12
    deficiency does to you. In fact, it's the same institution that
    did NOT diagnose me for years and years."

I replied that my doctors uniformly told me too much B12 was
just as dangerous as too little. I had to beg for shots until a
different doctor gave me a prescription to inject myself.

Later I went to a holistic doctor who prescribed a shot a day
(which would be the same as 30mg in lozenge form). But I
thought it was a mistake so I didn't immediately begin using that

Once I began using 30mg of Methylcobalamin a day the
changes were far more radical (for the better) than I had ever
imagined possible. For instance, the other docs had all said my
nerve damage was "permanent" -- But, in fact it was not.

The holistic doctor said she thought 1200 was a good "low" test
reading for B12; she said she tried to keep her patients well
above that.

What is little understood is that while the common B12 test
measures B12 in blood, B12 needs to be in deep tissue
throughout our bodies in order for the B12 to stop serious nerve
problems. With that in mind, a high blood test level means you
are giving your body the best opportunity to heal. It does not
mean that you are healed.
See Symptoms of low B12.

If you want excellent advice to follow regarding your health, you
need to develop that advice for yourself. How? You need to
keep notes on your health so that you can see how things
affect you. For instance, if you begin using Methylcobalamin, do
you experience less numbness? is your memory better, does
your tinnitus go away?

You don't need to spend a lot of time making notes. Short notes
are the easiest to review later when you want to know whether
you should continue taking certain health related steps, or go
back to ones you abandoned.

In the same way that eating meat is more healthy for someone
with type O blood, according to
Eat Right for Your Blood Type,
vitamin B12 may improve your balance, while for someone else
it may reduce sensations of tingling, or episodes of tinnitus.

For me, if I forget to use B12 lozenges (Methylcobalamin) one
of the first things that happens is a nosebleed. When I was
younger, my period would be very heavy. It was my notes that
helped me see this.

If I'm under a lot of stress and blocking out awareness of my
body and well being, then as time passes without me using B12
I become extremely depressed and everything, to include the
future, seems hopeless. If I've let myself get to that extreme
point, then it's sometimes hard to remember that the problem is
I'm low on B12, but when I do grasp what's happening and use
Methylcobalamin lozenges I begin to feel improvement within
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