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Karen Kline
Entry for February 27, 2008 -

Comic Book Heros v. Buridan's Ass

If I ever believed in comic book heroes when I was a kid, this is
the time for me to emulate them. Those heroes would be in
impossible situations and then things would take a turn for the
worse. What made them heroes, was that they survived and
completed what they had set out to do.

So here I am, being more like Buridan's Ass than a hero. (The
ass, so the philosophical story goes, was set two bales of hay,
one on its right and one on its left at exactly an equal distance
from the ass. The donkey was hungry and wanted the hay, but
because the hay was exactly the same distance away, it could
not move forward to get any hay because it could not make up its
mind which of the equal bales to go to. It starved to death.)

My problem is that I received an envelope from USPS customer
relations that I was sure had stamps in it to replace ones the post
office would not honor because my mail was heavier than 13
ounces. But the envelope contained not stamps but an envelope
for me to send in the dishonored stamps. Because I had
explained in at least eight emails that I do not have the stamps,
that I left them on the envelopes when I had Del take them to the
Appeals Court, I felt as if the post office thought I was lying.

If the post office won't make good on the stamps, then I have to
use my candle money for stamps. (I'm nearly out of cooking

So today, like Buridan's Ass, I could not make a choice: I ordered
neither stamps nor candles.

But worse I received a denial of my disability in the mail, so no
extra money to stave off foreclosure from that quarter. I also got
back my was closed but the judge had written in his order that
even though it was closed I could prosecute the willful violation of
stay. So how was I going to do it, if I couldn't get anything filed?
(The clerk has put a post-it on the returned papers suggesting I
file to reopen my case. But the attached order reiterated a denial
of that exact thing when I'd attempted it earlier.)

It would have been nice not to have to worry about where to get
the money to pay my mortgage arrears. But, I've been keenly
aware that Wells Fargo and their lawyers were probably not
going to accept it since last time I was in foreclosure they kept
trying to sell my house when I was going to have all the money in
twenty days.

I kept my home by filing bankruptcy to get the twenty days. But
that ruined my credit for seven years, with the result that I
couldn't refinance this last summer. (They say it's seven years,
but really it's more like two.) Except, after this mortgage
meltdown, who knows.

Since the judge must have had a way in mind for me to
prosecute, I figured there was something I was forgetting
because I'd successfully prosecuted willful violation of stay in my
1997 chapter 11.

I called the judge's law clerk, but she didn't answer. Then it came
to me, I have to do an "adversary proceeding." So, I called to see
how much it is to file one, and it's $250 with no provisions for
payment over time.

I get $598 a month from social security, and I'd said I was going
to pay $150 a month on my unpaid balance from filing the
Chapter 11 to save my home. I think the chapter 11 fee is $850.
Well worth it, too. A chapter 11 gives you a lot more time and
control, since you can be your own trustee. Though I don't know
how much this was changed when they gutted the bankruptcy
laws to favor creditors.

All of which reminds me of a night in London when the coal
miners were striking and there was no electric for several hours. I
and my little son were living in the derelict building on the corner
of Goswell Road and Friend Street and I was watching
Bionic Woman
just before the lights went out. In the episode that
night she was drugged and could not exercise her powers and no
one believed her. It looked like curtains for her.

For whatever reason I totally identified with her and I got
physically sick at the thought of being trapped like that.

That episode of
The Bionic Woman was foreboding, and
probably why I got sick watching it: because I recognized a part
of my future that was going to be fun.

I'll post
my pleading that was sent back by the bankruptcy court,
so that you can read the short version of what I'm talking about.

Now, I just need to materialize some money. And this has not
been a spectacular month for sales on my web site. Darn it!

I fail to do the newsletters and things that are required to remind
people to visit my site when I'm stressed... and then there aren't
any sales. As I say, Darn it!

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