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Karen Kline

Mind and "Higher Self"

I learned an interesting thing yesterday and another

Yesterday I learned that when I think about things and
figure something out but then forget it and am unable to
bring back any of what I thought, that somehow those
things are not forgotten by a part of my mind. I am
beginning to think that part of my mind is what is often
referred to as one's "higher self."

The memory isn't stored in a paragraphs type way, with
outline form, but as a kind of image or feeling. I found
that out yesterday when I saw that my little votive
candles had burned for two days. (They are sold saying
they will burn for ten hours if you put them in a proper

I had gotten 288 of them thinking I would use them
instead of the tall saint votives that are $1.17 each at
Wal*Mart and burn for around 5 days, maybe six and
sometimes seven. Only trouble is, the tall ones don't
give as much heat when could not see how to place the
pots of water closer to the ever lowering flame.

Then, I thought to get little votives and put them in tall
votive jars, filled nearly to the top with broken wax from
spent candles. I could see that some little candles
would probably burn only a short time because their
wax would run into the cavities between the broken bits
of wax which seemed fine, I thought it would work and I
ordered little votives.

While I was waiting for them to arrive I broke up my
spent candles and filled the votive jars with the pieces.
A few days later my little votives arrived and I put one
into each of six tall jars now filled nearly to the top with
chunks of wax from old candles. And, I lit them.

It was great, they were all burning with their little flames
high where they would be close to the pots of water. I
was happy.

But they didn't last three hours. Some did, but few. So I
was depressed, and worried that I had made a bad
decision to get little candles since they lasted only three
hours in most cases.

However, when I looked closely I saw that they had
holes in them so that the wicks could be placed after
they were formed, and the holes allowed the melted
wax to run out, leaving the wick with nothing to burn. (I
forgot that the wax was also filling the cavities. I was
busy blaming myself for making a poor decision that at
$34 took most of my available money.)

Still, I kept at it, feeling that it should work. I kept putting
new candles into the jars and I began to see that if I put
a chunk of wax on top of the candle, next to the flame,
that it melted and filled the hole. I also packed old wax
around the little candles before I lit them.

That's when they began to last for two days because by
then they'd filled up the spaces in the wax beneath,
which I had understood but then had forgotten.

So here's the thing: First, it's the understanding I had,
but had forgotten, that gave me the feeling it would
work. Second, this is SO much fun. When I had utility
company heat and lights I was always being threatened
and that was so stressful. I would get so upset that I
would start shaking from frustration that month after
month they lost my payments and blamed it on Wells
Fargo's online Bill Pay program. Wells Fargo, of course,
blamed PNM. And I was left with the threats and no

Now, it is just so much fun to solve these problems. I
love that I have about as much heat from five little
candles under old coffee cans as from an electric oil
filled radiator set on medium. I LOVE it. Big smile here.
And with less stress my nerves appear to be healing
more than in years past when the stress was so huge.

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