Entry for February 14, 2008 -

"mortgage meltdown" reflects lack of
morality in financial and legal ends of real

It's 5:00 a.m. and I have not been able to sleep. I am so
upset about the foreclosure action on my home. I think
that's why I've been depressed for a few days and feeling
overwhelmed by things like emails with jokes. Yesterday
there was a letter from the Wells Fargo lawyers saying
that I have 30 days to raise questions and if I don't then
they will start foreclosure, then it says they don't have to
wait 30 days.

What's so drastically upsetting is that it's the same
lawyers that I complained to Wells Fargo about last
foreclosure, and Wells Fargo has never, not once

Basically the lawyers forced me to file bankruptcy
because they would not give me twenty days to close on
my rental and have the money to pay my arrears. I had
the money in exactly the time I asked for. So when I
wanted to refinance because I have so much equity, I
couldn't because of the bankruptcy.

And, the lawyers charged me exorbitant amounts of
money for their mean attacks. I call them attacks because
it wasn't the money they wanted, because I had said that
was going to come in twenty days, and it did. The next
thing they did was refuse to give me pay off figures
because I was in bankruptcy. They were just so mean,
calculated mean, not accidental.

So to me, the "mortgage meltdown" reflects the
horrendous lack of morality in the financial and legal ends
of real estate. The lawyers were depraved, how else can I
put it? A Deutsche lawyer lied in court and the Wells
Fargo lawyers were as mean as they could be. Helped by
the corruption of New Mexico state courts.

That's why I can't sleep and why I keep thinking about
death and how before Maud Henon died she was thinking
about the worst things she had seen in her life, like during
the war in Belgium where she was from, she saw a
woman hanging from a church steeple with her baby
hanging by its umbilical cord from her womb. I think Maud
said the woman had been blown up there. But in any
case, it was one of the worst things she'd seen in her life.
That's what she said to me about it. And now, while it's
not like seeing new life dead yet whipped by the wind
where it hangs from a church steeple, there is something
horrific about knowing that the rule of law is a laugh,
non-existent replaced by a taunt from lawyers who lie and
hurt people who have worked hard and done the right

It is shocking and it's no wonder I can't sleep. I've taken
loads of extra methylcobalamin and it isn't enough to
combat this huge stress. I still have shockingly loud
tinnitus and I can't sleep and I feel depressed. And I think I
must have had a premonition of the letter and the fact that
the same lawyers are in place to harrass me and hurt me
as much as they can... so how can I rest when I am under
attack? And how many Americans are facing this? Sure,
they say there's this and that to help, but I think it's a bit of
a lie. Perhaps it's there for a few, for the favorites of
whomever, whereas it should be equally available to all
who need help recovering from the fraud that's been

In my case the fraud was real estate broker Wally Sargent
selling me a home that was not fit to live in, and the City
of Santa Fe passing it for all inspections. Such a shocking
thing, and from that I have this frustrating and exhausting
brain injury from a fall caused by the hydrogen sulfide. I
was beside myself the other day trying to talk on the
phone. It's just hopeless. Shocking and hopeless. Gandhi
was lucky that there was the rule of law in India.
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