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                         Karen Kline

Yesterday ABC World News reported that ingredients
for most prescription drugs come from other countries,
primarily India and China, and that some of the
manufacturing sites have not been inspected, ever, by
the FDA.

Clearly the lack of inspections must have been
equally true a few years ago when it was illegal for
Americans to save money by buying their prescription
drugs from Canada. The reason for creating the
illegality, the U.S. government said, was that drugs
from any other country than the United States could
pose serious health risks to Americans.

The question that comes to mind now is, "Why weren't
these facts about foreign manufacture of prescription
drug ingredients broadcast at the time of the
legislation that made it illegal for Americans to save
money by buying their prescriptions from other

Were these facts not broadcast because the "news
report" about the protective legislation was not news
at all, but rather a concoction meant to persuade
viewers to see something in a particular way?

Which makes me wonder why we are told, after the
fact, what Congress has done. Why doesn't the news
tell us before something is decided in Congress so
that we can think about it and send in our feelings on
the subject before it's a fait accompli?

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