Micro-organisms and Immunity

Entry for January 15, 2008 ~

My StumbleUpon friend, Patrick, asked me this morning what I
think of Bruno Comby's book,
Maximize Immunity which receives
Wayne Green's praise, "This book may possibly change your life. It
might even save your life... particularly if you are struggling with an
immunity-related illness."

I agree with Comby that raw foods are good for us and remember a
news report of correlation between cancer and the degree of
darkness our foods reach in cooking (whether slightly browned or
crispy at the edges with a bit of burning.) The news may in fact
have derived from Comby's work.

But my feeling overall is that what "raw" basically means is more
likelihood that microorganisms are alive and well in what we eat.

Because immunity is of such huge importance to all of us, this is a
timely topic. I just feel that talk of immunity without mention of
microorganisms leaves a lot of what is essential unsaid.

In today's supermarkets we have an array of beautiful fruits and
vegetables to choose from, but most of those choices are grown
using chemicals rather than microorganisms for "fertilizer."

I am sad to say that my grandfather, as president of the American
Farm Bureau Federation, decades ago contributed to the problem
of spectacularly beautiful produce that is lackluster in nutrition.
Think of it as PhotoShopped food... it really catches the eye, but
deep down it's not real-ly what our bodies need.

In the old days fertilizer was organic. Manure was plowed into
fields. Today chemicals are strewn on fields for quick growth and
insect death.

But to be healthy we need enormous numbers of microorganisms in
our digestive tracts... and if the good microorganisms get
outnumbered by the bad, then we can no longer get B12 or
magnesium from our food because the bad microorganisms are
keeping our stomachs from producing gastric acid which is
essential in releasing B12 and magnesium from food.

Taking a probiotic helps retore the natural balance. Taking vitamin
C helps kill off the bad microorganisms like h.pylori, and vitamin C
also helps free magnesium and B12 from food.

If at all possible, it's a good idea to grow a bit of your own food and
compost to enrich the soil for your garden. (My polish grandfather
who did that lived decades longer than my "more successful"

Those are my thoughts on this.
Back to Allergies. This is the time to begin taking a B vitamin
complex to prepare yourself NOT to have allergies, if you tend to
have them.

Before I knew anything about vitamin B12, I was told I was
"profoundly B12 anemic." I thought I could take vitamin tablets and
recover, the same way one recovers from iron deficiency anemia
by taking iron tablets.

I bought a MegaB vitamin in the mid range of potency and took a
couple an hour with a lot of tea, water, coffee, or other liquids. I did
that for a few bottles worth over a couple of months, then was
given another B12 test. Well, my B12 level was unchanged, much
to my chagrin.

However, shortly after that our Santa Fe Chamisa came into full,
yellow, pollen laden bloom. This tended to be one of my worst
seasons every year because I had such horrible allergies. Once I
was trying to write a contract for some people who wanted to buy a
home I'd shown them, and my nose was running so badly that it
was almost impossible to write, I was that busy wiping my nose.

Well, after all the B vitamins I had NO allergies. It seemed
impossible that I would not have them, since I'd had them nearly my
entire life. Yet the fact was I was not sneezing, my eyes weren't
itching and neither was my throat.

I decided to put it to the ultimate test: I went up to a Chamisa, bent
my head to the masses of yellow flowers and drew in a deep whiff
-- that was a first! And nothing, no sneezing, no discomfort.

So, I highly recommend a B vitamin with all of the Bs in it. Don't
take as many as I did in the beginning, that was more than
necessary. Take three a day, maybe four. You will get a feel for it, I

I have been using the
Jarrow with perfect success. (It's about the
middle of the page, scrolling down.) You want to be sure to have a
lot of liquid with them.

First sneeze of the season?

Allergies! Have you had your first sneeze of the Spring? I sneezed
twice today, and I knew immediately that I'd better write about
allergies and B vitamins. My blog about allergies continues below.

Right here, right now, I want to share an email I just wrote:

    "The thing about low B12 is that ... gosh, how to say this... it
    sort of come to mind.

    When I couldn't remember anything I was able to look at
    actual things and arrange them aesthetically, like on my web
    site. What I mean is, creativity can come to the fore when the
    intellectual part of our brain is not supporting us as well as it
    might, for instance if there is low B12.

    In terms of your daughter's white spots on her nails, I have
    read that low magnesium is associated with the white spots. I
    am inclined to think that is true. The curious thing is that
    magnesium is nearly as hard to get from food, actually it is as
    hard to get from food as B12 is. It's a complicated process.
    So, you might try giving her a magnesium capsule or tablet
    with her food.

    I've been having a lot of magnesium since I learned that I was
    losing bone in my jaws from all the Advil I was taking, and in
    the last year, since I started taking quite a lot of magnesium,
    my body has begun working a lot better, in a lot more healthy

    Magnesium supports nerves, too (in addition to

B12 problem sneaks by... under the radar

February 7, 2008

I am happy and amazed at how things work. I have been having a
hard time doing a complaint against the developer/Realtor who had a
condo built over a privy pit and then sold it to me, and against the
lawyers who lied in court at the hearing after my condo had been
foreclosed and sold without proper notice to me. (If you are facing
foreclosure, just know that the lawyers, even ones you hire, may say
untrue things in court, and unless you check their work, this will work
against you in the most insidious way.
My appeal brief talks about

So, what's the amazing, happy making thing? I just received a
website comment that makes me smile to know that I am being
helpful and useful. I'm posting it because it helps make clear how a
B12 problem can exist and sort of sneak by... under your radar.

    "I don't know how to start or end or even what to write here! I
    guess I just really need to let you know how much you helped
    me! I developed a b12 deficiency and thought I was turning into
    an absolute loon because at the time I had never heard of it and
    didn't understand why I was so sad, too tired to even SHOWER,
    went down to 100 pounds, unable to cook for myself, and
    generally freaking out along with so many other things!

    While looking up symptoms I found out about b12 deficiencies
    and that my medication (minocycline) had probably caused it,
    and started cabinet were made from. After a week I somehow
    managed to feel worse, not to mention that I had moments
    where I would just completely lose it. I figured then that it
    couldn't be a b12 problem since I was taking it.

    Around that time I noticed some odd black things under my nails
    that I couldn't wash off and that the moons were gone and my
    nails were very rough. I looked it up online and found your
    page! At first I was somewhat annoyed because I knew it
    couldn't be a b12 problem, but then I saw your writings on
    methylcobalamin and also how you still suffer to this day
    because your doctors didn't take you seriously.

    Immediately afterwards I got myself to the Doctor's and made
    clear what I thought the problem was, and that I needed to be
    taken very seriously because I didn't want any damage to be
    permanent. Thankfully I have a wonderful Doctor who was more
    than helpful, and now I feel a good deal better!

    If it wasn't for your page about fingernails and methylcobalamin,
    I wouldn't have gone to the Doctor's (health insurance problems)
    and would have just gotten worse. I really can't even begin to
    describe how thankful I am to you, I could gush about it for
    ages! I hope you realize what an incredible person you are, and
    how much you've helped others while still dealing with your own

    I wish you the absolute best in life, which you more than
    deserve! You are a saint, and I will do everything in my power to
    point others towards your website. Thank you again for the
    billionth time, I do not doubt for one moment  that you have
    saved me a lot of future pain and problems!"

    Name withheld.

Happy making, indeed! Not just because of how very nice it is in
relation to me, but because it's so dynamite to know that someone
has been saved future pain and problems. Happiness!

Foreclosure, doctors and Stress

May 4, 2008 ~

Having heard a lawyer and judge in my condo foreclosure lie on
the audio transcript, it's stressful to know my home's foreclosure is
going to court. I can barely see the moons on my thumbs. Moons
aren't visible at all on my other fingernails. And, the stress affects
my memory: I have forgotten about wash in my washing machine,
this blog, cooking.

Still, the methylcobalamin is helping me cope.

Here is a comment a lady wrote to me today:

    "I thank God that I did not listen to the doctors. I questioned 3
    doctors they all said my b12 levels were fine. As you said the
    USA is way too low for the level of B12. My depression is
    better, there was a time when I really thought that I was going
    to die. The one thing I wanted to ask you is once you started
    your shots did you have good days when you thought you
    were so much better and then out of nowhere some of the
    same symptoms were back. This seems to be a pattern for
    me. I wanted to know is that normal. I get very discouraged
    sometimes but with Gods help I will keep plugging on. Take
    care and I hpoe you have had a good day."

I replied:

    I think that it is very hard to get enough B12 when there is a
    lot of stress.

    Last night I had a nightmare about losing my home and
    garden, and today I felt horrible, physically, mentally,

    I've had a hard time getting my moons back. They were
    coming back and then the foreclosure lawyers sent some
    papers and I was so stressed again. That's why I say to have
    more shots ... or get the lozenges so that you can start
    building up on that.

    I realize that I should handle the stress better, but ... it gets me
    down. The moons on my thumbs are so faint I can barely
    make them out.

Health Boundaries Bite Blog

This is my ten year anniversary

December 24, 2007  ~~

This is my 10 year anniversary since I began having regular B12
replacement therapy... It was momentous. I need to find a way to
describe what happened over these years so that people see how
important vitamin B12 is.
scary noise... taking care of myself

Batteries and nerves are similar

January 7, 2008 ~

I can't use my computer so far today because my ruined
batteries don't hold much charge and so far there's snow not
sunshine. But, this is good because I've been wanting to address
the similarities between out nervous systems and batteries.

I would not have seen this similarity if my batteries had not been
ruined, so in a way there is a blessing to be found in this otherwise
costly problem.

Here is the picture: I had four batteries, each 183 amp hours.
That's a lot of storage capacity. Way more than I need to use my
computer every day, have a small 15 amp DayLight flourescent
light on, and maybe an hour or two of telly, as well as the phone.
That covers my electric needs.

But when winter was coming on and I thought about how to heat, I
saw that I had never used so much as ten percent of the stored
energy in my batteries, so I decided I could use maybe 15% of their
capacity to heat some Crock Pots for warmth. And, I began to do

I was well within the safe limit according to my battery monitor
when my inverter began to beep. That's not good, and I wasn't
expecting it. I ran to make sure I'd read the battery monitor
correctly, and I had, it showed that I was still within safe limits.

But the fact was that I was not.

Now, this is similar to our nerves in several ways. First of all, we
are constantly told to push ourselves, "No pain, no gain." I saw a
pbs telly program on people pushing themselves to be in a
marathon and actually fracturing their bones and being told they
were doing a good thing, and they themselves feeling as if
enduring the pain and making this ultimate effort was a good thing.

That is a misleading kind of program, of which there are many.
Why would it be good to hurt your body? How long does it take to
heal? and does it heal completely? Look at Evel Kneivel... he died
quite young having sustained a lot of injuries. Do we look at him
and say to ourselves, "Gosh, that's the way I want to live my life.
That was a wise choice he made." No, we don't. But in smaller
ways we sign on to the myth that pain is good for our bodies and

Pain is a warning sign. It's like a STOP sign. Disobey at your own

Do you see the relationship? For my batteries I bought a monitor so
that I would have a warning that would prevent me from using too
much of the power in my batteries, and thereby ruining them. But
the monitor didn't work and now my batteries are ruined and don't
hold enough of a charge to run my 60 watt computer for a whole

When we are not told of the dangers of running our bodies too
hard, and wearing them out, we can and often do exactly that: wear
them out.

Where vitamin B12 fits in, is that it is like a recharge to our nerves.
It keeps them from getting burned out. But we have to remember to
take it, and to do that we have to know why it's important to take it.

Someone objected yesterday to my constant mention of B12. She
said it was like being told by television ads not to smoke, that it
made you want to smoke all the more.

I can see that, too. But the thing is that it is so serious and people
are so unaware of how easily they can do damage to their bodies
that will, in the end, keep them from being able to do the things
they love, or keep them from doing them without pain.

We think of our bodies as constantly rechargeable. We don't think
of them not taking a charge anymore because we over used them.
But that is what happens. My batteries were good for seven to ten
years, except now they don't take a charge that will get me through
one whole day... and there's no reserve for a snowy day like today.

When we use up our bodies, when we work late for our employer,
or see one more account, or make one more dish for dinner, all of
those things that at the end of the day are a challenge to complete,
we use up energy that is not necessarily renewable.

It is only renewable if we don't drain our reserves past a certain
point. With batteries the best thing to do is not to use more then
25% of the stored energy, certainly not half.

So, in a day when we have 24 hours, if we work for 8 that is using
33% of our stored energy. If we then go out with friends or sit in
front of the telly and relax, we begin replenishing our energy store.

But more likely than not what we really do is work longer than 8
hours and from work we fight our way home in traffic and at home
begin the tasks that keep home tidy. So, slowly but surely we are
running our Crock Pots, so to speak, on energy we only think we

Add into the mix that once we begin to wear ourselves down
sleeping becomes difficult, we can begin to see how we can ruin
ourselves just about as quickly as I ruined my batteries by using
them when I thought it was okay, but it really wasn't.

What B12 does, is replace some of what our bodies use when we
over use our bodies. It keeps us from running too low and doing
serious damage to our nerves. It keeps us from shortening the
enjoyableness of our life span.

Not all B12 helps

January 14, 2008 ~

A friend sent me this B12 chart joke. I laughed. But I was sad to
think the B12 he bought at the store probably wouldn't work or help.

    I say that because after I tried to kill myself in 1997 a
    doctor sent me a bill that said I had "profound" B12
    anemia, but no one had mentioned that to me at the

    When I asked about "profound B12 anemia" at the clinic
    where I was going, they said I should have a B12 shot,
    so I agreed. But it was $25 and one of the things that
    was extremely stressful at that time was having little

    So I thought, well, instead of asking for another shot
    when it's so expensive, I'll go to K-Mart and get some
    B12 vitamin pills. Seemed like a good idea to me.

    I remembered that B vitamins work as a complex and if
    you take too much of one it can make an imbalance that
    acts as a deficiency of one or more of the others, so I got
    a MEGA B. Not the strongest one, but the middle range

I went home and took several an hour with a lot of tea. It's important
to have a lot of liquid with vitamins, aspirin, Advil, prescription
drugs, etc.

Over the next few weeks I went through a couple of bottles, and
they were large bottles.

The two things that happened next were very telling.

1. It was fall here in Santa Fe and the chamisa was in full, brilliant
yellow bloom, EVERYWHERE. So that usually meant sneezing,
runny nose, itchy eyes and throat... sometimes my forehead would
swell and I'd look Mongoloid. But that year, nothing. For the first
time I could walk up to a chamisa shrub, put my nose into the
flowers and smell them... and it was great. No sneezing, no
discomfort. That made me WAY happy.

2. When the clinic wanted me to have another B12 test, I was
delighted because I was sure that if all the B vitamins made my
allergies go away, that my B12 level was going to be fine and
dandy. But... No. Not at all. It was entirely unchanged.

That's how I know that cyanocobalamin in the "B12" from most
stores is not going to work.

The cyanocobalamin in shots works because of how much there is.
I know it works, and that's my guess why it works. So, you have to
remember to get
Methylcobalamin. That works. Taking it works just
as well as the B12 shots.

I think the "B12" in stores may work for really young people without
much damage. It worked for a 17 year old girl I worked with. But
ordinarily it is a disappointment and it can make it seem as if B12 is
not as powerful as I, among others, say it is.
Mind and "higher self"

Heating with candles

February 8, 2008

Yesterday a woman I used to work with when I was a Realtor
stopped over to visit. It was near dusk and my candles were
beginning to glow. She said she was worried when she'd read my
web site about me heating with candles.

Today she called and said she was near Target, did I want her to
bring me some candles? (I'm running low on the tall, pillar candles
that give the most heat and that I use to cook and heat water for
coffee and tea.)

I replied that I hated to have her buy them there as they would be
so much more expensive than the ones I order on line, and next
week I should have the money to order them.

Then, her voice changed and she said how glad she was to see
how cute my tent is, and that she was really relieved to see how
cute I have it.

    "That's my old Realtor instinct,"
    I laughed in reply.

    We agreed that it's getting
    warmer out, and I told her I was
    marshaling most of my candles
    into my bathroom so that I can
    wash my hair for my disability
    doctor appointment tomorrow.

    She said she hoped I would get
    it, and soon. I said I did, too.
    She said she'd pray for me, and
    I thought how neat it is when
    things look good and inspire
    more beauty... I think prayer
    and offers of kindness are kinds
    of beauty.

So, I took a picture of the candles in my bathroom, a few of them, at
least. The picture doesn't convey how beautiful it is in my bathroom
by candlelight.

Methylcobalamin heals diabetic cats

February 10, 2008 ~

I received two interesting emails in the last few hours. One relates
to how methylcobalamin heals diabetic neuropathy in cats, which
had interested me when I ran across a web site about it. (I've put
added the site to my
Useful Websites page.)

However, when the site owner responded to my email I learned that
she had a LOT of experience with cats and methylcobalamin and I
began to wonder if her observations and accummulated knowledge
about thousands of cats responding to methylcobalamin could be
called "research". After all, research is frequently conducted on
animals (often to their detriment, but in this case for their

Laurie, the site owner, reported that cats that could barely walk
because of the neuropathy were healed with the use of
methylcobalamin. She reported that some of the cats received
25mg of methylcobalamin a day.

What is astonishing and WONDERFUL about that is that it is
exactly what I found when I got rid of my peripheral neuropathy
when I was having a B12 shot a day, which is about the same as
25 to 30 mg of methylcobalamin a day taken by lozenge.

Not "exactly", because a cat is tiny and I am 6 feet tall and heavy.

If you don't have diabetes or know anyone with it to whom you can
extend this information, think of it this way: everything is a
continuum, so, if you have a bit of tingling or numbness now that is
not the end of it. Some numbness can, over time, progress into
something debilitating. (For instance, my peripheral neuropathy
caused me not to feel a small injury to my toe that led to tetanus.)

I'll put Laurie's email message about the "thousands" of cats on my
page about
Fingernails and Vitamin B12 Deficiency.

The other email was from my friend Tena and is about an "new"
neurological disease showing up in Minnesota... that is
characterized by heaviness in the legs... which reminded me of the
kitties and their neuropathy... and I wondered if anyone was telling
the affected people in Minnesota about vitamin B12 in the form of
methylcobalamin and how it can regenerate nerves.
"mortgage meltdown" reflects  horrendous lack of morality in
financial and legal ends of real estate.
Prescription Drug Ingredients
Comic Book Heros v. Buridan's Ass

B12 for healthy nerves, keen mind

July 9, 2009 -

Last year when Tim Russert died I was sure he had died because
of some aspect of low vitamin B12. But in preparation for blogging
about it I found this picture of him which shows he had great
moons, very clear even from the distance in this photo. It stopped
me in my tracks.

The clarity of his moons drives home to me how vitamin B12 plays
a role in our nerve health and in our brain function: Tim Russert
was very bright, and exhibited his keen mind every week on his

Now I think about how people with the best minds may also have
some of the highest B12 levels.

No, I don't mean that B12 makes us smart, what I mean is that the
lack of B12 dulls our minds because it interferes with our use of our
minds to their fullest potential.

I also mean that when moms-to-be are stressed and their B12 is
used up in the daily struggle of existence, their in uterus babies
suffer from a deprivation of B12, needed for them to develop
healthy minds and nerves.

So, when well-meaning pro-lifers create stress they may be hurting
the unborn by condemning them to a life of mental disability, and
even physical disability due to the impact of stress lowering a
mother's B12 levels which in turn impacts the fetus she is carrying.

Research published on March 2, 2009 says that vitamin B12 can
prevent birth defects. I've excerpted the research on my
Methylcobalamin page.

Tolerance is one way to reduce stress and prevent B12 from being
depleted. Support for people in difficult positions can do a lot of
good in real, physical ways. Quiet support may prevent not just
vitamin B12 depletion and resultant birth defects, but it might also
make it possible for a mum-to-be to choose to keep her baby rather
than have an abortion: All with good as the focus. Talking about
abortion as murder is not good.
Lovely, Dangerous garden hose
Following Professional medical advice may be risky.
Twitters about Tragic Health Beliefs
Twitters re Labor Day, Doctors & B12
September 15, 2019 ~

You realize that your health is individual to you. Your health is not
the same as that of your neighbor, best friend, or even your mother
and father. But, are you still inclined to take a doctor's advice which
is basically the same for all of those people?

The advice may be excellent for your neighbor, not bad for your
mother, and not good at all for you.

To illustrate, lets look at my bamboo and begonia. They both need
water. Each can flourish only if it is given water. But, when I water
my bamboo and my begonia the same amount, one or the other
suffers because the bamboo needs lots of water while the
begonia drops its flowers if its soil is stays damp.

My point here relates to vitamin B12: If a doctor decides someone
is deficient, then the treatment is the same for everyone, a shot a
month. It would be far better if anyone with
symptoms of low B12
used Methylcobalamin and kept notes to discover what amount of
replacement is right for them, individually.

One more thing and I'll be all done

April 13, 2012 ~

Way too often I say to myself, "Just this one more thing and I'll be
all done." In truth there is no All done.

It's hard to stop doing things, even when I can feel that I'm getting
too tired I still say, "Just this one more." And that's even though I
know that when I stop and rest I can accomplish hugely more
because my body doesn't give out on me as quickly.

I am reminded that when I was 4 or 5 I invited a little boy I was
playing with in to have just one cherry from the pie my mother had
made for company. We each had a cherry that we fished out from
the lattice work top crust. Then we had just one more. I kept
saying, we can have one. In the end there wasn't one cherry left in
the pie -- at which point I had an inkling of dismay.

50 years later at my great aunt's funeral in Oceanside an older
couple asked me, are you Karen Kline? I said yes. They said I'd
gotten their son to eat all the cherries in my mother's pie. They
didn't mention that it was fifty years earlier. They remembered as if
it were yesterday.

So, all in all, I think the "just one" phrase is fraught with danger...

The above is from a series of tweets, that ended, "I think I'm going
to take all those last few twitters & put them together on my blog
page ~ But first I need to do just one more thing outside." 11:14 AM
Apr 13th via web
    Your fingernails reflect your health --
    Learn some warning signs --
    Karen Kline

Vitamin B12 and Cramps

February 6, 2013 ~

Some years ago I discovered that a B12 shot in the evening when I
was no longer going to be exercising invariably led to leg and foot
cramps during the night. If I did 5 minutes of exercise on my
Gazelle after a B12 shot in the evening, then I experienced no
cramps during the night.

Later I discovered that a B12 shot along with a magnesium tablet
banished the cramps, just as well as exercise did.

To some extent the cramps aspect of using B12 surprised me ~~
My original research into vitamin B12 indicated that there was no
danger of taking too much vitamin B12, and it was therefore

In any case, for several years I used 5 or more of the 5mg
Methylcobalamin lozenges a day. That was about how much I
needed in order to not have nose bleeds, feel depressed or have
numb feet, among other
symptoms of low vitamin B12.

Then I hurt my back and each time the pain woke me during the
night I used another 5mg Methylcobalamin lozenge. I believed it
helped with the pain.

It may have helped but in not too long I was getting painful muscle
spasms that affected not just each leg, and all of it, but also my
torso, which was rather scary. I hated to think it was possible to
take too much B12, but I stopped using so much.

It was also at that time that I discovered that B12 comes from
micro-organisms and that B12 is plentiful in the air and soil. In my
reading about B12 originating with micro-organisms I started
thinking about how B12 is characterized by its cobalt content. So, I
thought, perhaps I have a build up of the heavy metal cobalt.

With that I looked into what is used to get rid of heavy metals.
Turns out it's cilantro. I ordered two bottles of cilantro capsules on
August 12, 2012 and took them religiously when they first arrived,
and for several months thereafter. I also used
Milk Thistle, with the
thought that if the cilantro was clearing out the heavy metal, I didn't
want it all stuck in my liver.

Today, I'm almost completely better and using 5mg
Methylcobalamin a day.

B12, Muscle Spasms and Potassium

February 17, 2013 ~

Sometime after reducing my B12 intake I once again began having
peripheral neuoropathy pain that kept me awake far too much of the
night. Admittedly it was after a lot of stress when I hadn't used
additional Methylcobalamin. (In fact I was getting

At the same time I'm not sure how much B Complex to take to keep
from having allergies now that I need far less B12 after switching to
organic food from GMOs ~ See September 26, 2012. B complex, you
see, contains folic acid and that interferes with B12 absorption.

After I tweeted about my February 6th blog regarding B12
replacement and muscle spasms I received a response that
mentioned excessively low potassium, known as Hypokalemia.
Apparently hypokalemia is reported by many people as a
complication of vitamin B12 replacement after deficiency. This is
because B12 normalizes blood cells so that they once again grow
properly and divide properly, which takes large amounts of
potassium, thus depleting circulating stores of the mineral.

Now, there's a lot of
potassium in bananas, potatoes, and other
foods. But, if you're not eating them, or are eating processed
varieties, supplements seem like the answer. Except after a lot of
looking-for-the-best I found that 96mg was about what I could expect
from a tablet or capsule ~~ We need about 4,700 mg a day.

I learned that the bicarbonate form of potassium helps alkalize your
body's pH. This is in marked contrast to a chloride form that is
acidifing. Potassium in fruits and vegetables is the bicarbonate form.
It is wise to avoid potassium chloride. (More information on
vs acidifying)

Potassium citrate is readily absorbed, improves calcium balance, and
slows the crystallization of calcium-containing kidney stones.
Potassium aspartate is already bound to aspartic acid which
activates energy-rich phosphates. I'm ordering... Today! And I did,
but I never opened them because by the time they arrived I'd learned
Maca and other foods containing potassium.

Health Boundaries Bite

Your health is individual


Stress makes it more tricky to recover

    What I am saying is that if you are under a lot of stress, then it
    is more tricky to recover.

    When you say you thought you were going to die, are you
    saying you think that if you had not found the B12 information
    that you too would have tried to kill yourself? (the way I wrote
    you that I had)

    I for sure no longer feel that way. My memory is much better
    and I am able to think of other things to do.

    But, depression is not the first thing to clear up. I think that
    has to do with pathways in our brains: When our B12 is low
    we burn certain pathways very deeply into our brains because
    we aren't thinking a lot of different things. The deficiency
    reduces the number of things we think, so we think a few
    things too repetitively.

    As we recover and create more pathways, we are less likely
    to think about killing ourselves. But it's not fast because of
    how deep the damage goes.

    And thank you, it was a good day. I worked in my garden.
    That always makes me happy. I so want to be able to keep my
    home and garden.

Suicide more common than homicide

I posted the above because suicide is much more common than
homicide, but it doesn't get the same evening news coverage.

There was some news coverage recently on how many veterans
are attempting suicide and killing themselves, but as far as I have
seen there is no coverage on how deep a problem suicide is in
America for the "average person" in the average family.

If you, your child or a loved one who isn't a relative is depressed it's
important to look at their fingernails and get them on
methylcobalamin if there are ridges or no moons. Antidepressants
can increase the likelihood of suicide, B12 on the other hand is
genuinely healing.