Karen Marie Kline
Santa Fe, New Mexico  87507

The Disciplinary Board
400 Gold S.W.  Suite 800
Albuquerque, New Mexico  87102

Re: Complaint against Tami Schneider

Dear Disciplinary Board,

Please review the following which I prepared in order to have my appeal
accepted. I trust it shows that Ms. Schneider was negligent and unprofessional.
Please pay special attention to my email of April 27, 2007 and to the material
on page 18 and page 19. (My appeal was accepted after I submitted the material below.)

Reason 1 – Events Related to my Disability and my Disability Itself are Unusual
Circumstances that Prevented Me from Timely Filing Notice of Appeal

I filed my Motion to Reconsider Order Approving Foreclosure and Foreclosure Sale and to Set
Aside Foreclosure Judgment on March 16, 2006 [RP 440], two days before the end of the ten
days provided by Rule 1-059. On March 22, 2006, I hired Tami Schneider to represent me
because I was having such a hard time doing things because of the extreme stress; because of my
disability, stress makes it harder to do things. Under stress I make significantly more errors, bump
into things more and have a harder time getting things organized. I hired her to help me so that
things would be done right.

I gave Tami Schneider a copy of my motion. I said I had filed it two days early because I was
worried about my condo and I wanted to be sure to do things in time. I asked her to get a hearing
as soon as possible because I’d borrowed money to redeem and the interest was $250 a week on
top of $1,000 for every ten thousand borrowed.

By phone on March 25, 2006, Ms. Schneider asked me to email her everything I’d filed. I sent her
10 emails with the things I had filed, beginning with the Objection.

On March 26, 2006, Ms. Schneider said by phone that she could not open the things I had sent
and please would I send them as pdf files. So I sent her 23 emails of pdf files, and asked if I had
missed anything she wanted. She requested the broker’s name. (I have to do two screen shots
because my computer screen is smaller than the list.)

On March 26, 2006, Ms. Schneider wrote me an email saying that she was going to file on
Monday, March 27. That was the next day.

On March 27, 2006, Ms. Schneider was to pick me up and take me to sign an affidavit that I
agreed to what she had written. I waited for her outside, sitting on a neighbor’s wall because she
had said she was short for time. She was more than half an hour late. Because I have a poor sense
of time now, I waited outside longer than was wise. It made my muscles tighten again and affected
my balance, making it more difficult to walk and do things. By the time she arrived the effect of
the stress made it hard to read, so she told me what the papers said and I signed the affidavit at
Adult Protective Services, in front of their notary, with approval of Bobbette Salazar. Ms.
Schneider talked as if she were going to file that day. I know the fax deadline is 5 p.m.

When I got home and read my copy slowly, I saw that Ms. Schneider had written that Motion for
Summary Judgment was filed July 5, 2005. It was filed August 5, 2005 [RP 126]. She also wrote
that Certificate of the Record had been filed on July 5, 2005. It was filed August 5, 2005 [RP
134]. As I read on it alarmed me that she wrote that I’m incompetent. I am disabled, not
incompetent, and as such the ADA, Title II, provides me a right to reasonable accommodation. I
had in fact asked for accommodation in my Answer [RP 149], and in a motion under the ADA,
Title II, on November 4, 2005 [RP 152] which wasn’t heard or ruled on. (The Record Proper has
the name of the law wrong and needs to be corrected. I’ll file a motion.) Ms. Schneider had not
mentioned this part of her pleading in the car.

I emailed Ms. Schneider about the dates and showed my alarm at being termed “incompetent.” I
thought she would respond right away, but she didn’t. She used to talk with me on the phone
whenever I called, and she had responded to emails, see screen shots above. I continued reading
and found other errors. I will show you my emails.

In my next email I explained why I was so upset.

I was positive, saying I liked page 6, but noted an error. I didn’t write a message.

At 4:35 I wrote only the subject line; at 4:39 I addressed the doc the clerks refused.

Wanting to take a positive attitude toward Ms. Schneider not replying, I imagined she had driven
to court to file and hadn’t returned. I wrote that I liked it and it was great.

From being alarmed that Ms. Schneider was not replying because I had noted errors, I wrongly
thought all my emails had gone out together, so, I wrote about that at 4:57. I also called and left at
least one message. But two hours later I had still heard nothing, which was entirely different from
how Ms. Schneider had previously treated me.

When I called Ms. Schneider again, there was a message on her phone that hadn’t been there
before and it sounded as if she wanted me to stop calling her.

(This is hard for me to do. It may look easy, but I keep getting confused because I can’t
remember what I’ve copied.) In any case, I next wrote to Ms. Schneider the context so that she
would understand what I was saying. I hoped.

Next day I tried again, thinking maybe she objected to how I had written and that if I organized it
together in one place it wouldn’t seem disjointed and offensive. I am aware that because of how I
can’t remember very well, I write many emails. If I try to put things all into one email, I forget
where I am, so I’ve taught myself to address things as I go along, that way I don’t have to worry
so much about forgetting important things.

But she did not respond, resulting in more than one sleepless night for me.

On March 27, 2006, Response to Katherine Cook’s Motion for Summary Judgment and
Memorandum in Opposition to Katherine Cook’s Petition for Certificate and Order for
Redemption, [RP 484], was filed. This is the pleading I read.

In “Karen Kline’s Amended Response to Katherine Cook’s Motion for Summary Judgment and
Memorandum in Opposition to Katherine Cook’s Petition for Certificate and Order for
Redemption” [RP 607], filed April 4, 2006, the errors are one page further back; that is, the
incorrect date for the Certificate of the Record, July 5, 2005, is at the top of page 5; previously it
was at the top of page 4, etc. It is particularly important that while Ms. Schneider cut her
statement that I am incompetent she didn’t write or prosecute that I should have had a hearing on
my request for accommodation under the ADA, Title II, in my Answer [RP 66], and in my ADA
motion [RP 152]. Because accommodation is mandated it would affect when I could be in default;
so, by refusing to respond to me for days, make corrections, or address this crucial issue, Ms.
Schneider had a dooming effect.

On March 28, 2006, Ms. Schneider filed four things: Certificate of Service [RP 498], Exhibit D
(Karen Kline’s Affidavit) [RP 500],  Answer to Richard B. Green’s Amended and Restated
Petition [RP 534], and Answer to Katherine Cook’s Amended Petition [RP 540].

While it felt like longer than two days because I was so worried by her writing that I am
incompetent, Ms. Schneider’s bill says that she called me on March 29. She still wanted me to
deposit the money for redemption, despite her email of March 26, and called to arrange to take me
to the bank the next day to get the Cashier’s check and then accompany her to file it. She said she
didn’t want to carry a check for that much herself.

Also on March 29, 2006, Ms. Schneider filed three things: her “Motion for Extension of Time in
Which to File an Appeal” [RP 543], “Karen Kline’s Amended Answer to Richard B. Green’s
Amended and Restated Petition” [RP 554], and “Karen Kline’s Amended Answer to Katherine
Cook’s Amended Petition” [RP 565]. She apparently wrote the Green pleading first then pasted it
into the Cook pleading to include the “Counter-Claim for Money Damages and Petition for
Constructive Trust and for Breach of Feduciary (sic) Duty” naming Richard Green. On March 31,
2006, Ms. Schneider filed Notice of Dismissal of Counter-Claim Against Katherine Cook [RP 586].

Ms. Schneider’s Motion for Extension was granted on March 30, 2006 [RP 573], extending the
time to appeal until May 7, 2006. But I wasn’t told, at least not in any meaningful way. I know
this to be true because had it been told to me so that I could understand I would have formed the
conviction that that date was important and it would have stayed in my mind because beliefs are
held more strongly than mere memories.

Also on March 30, 2006, the affidavit was done at the bank and Ms. Schneider filed it [RP 585]. I
have a copy, but not of the affidavit of March 27, filed 3/28/2006 [RP 500]. Ms. Schneider was
able to file without difficulty, whereas the clerks had not accepted my Cashier’s check when I’d
tried to deposit it pro se on February 27, 2006.

I’m having a hard time understanding what Ms. Schneider filed on which days. She had written,
before she stopped writing to me, that she was doing several things and wanted to file them on
Monday. See page 7. That would have been March 27, 2006.

I want to go look at the courthouse file but I was left in the cold outside the Court of Appeals for
nearly an hour on December 7, 2006 after filing. My ADA ride might not have come even then
except the security guard called for me. I couldn’t go in and call for fear they would come exactly
then. The same thing had happened on November 7 when I went to the County Clerk with my
ballot. But that time it was also dark. I got light headed with intense pain in my thoracic
diaphragm. Both times that led to trouble walking. I get a severe pain in my hip that makes my leg
buckle and I lose balance. Also, my feet suddenly go numb/spongy and I can’t feel them touch the
floor and I lose my balance. Just when I’m better and begin to think I can drive again, I get so
extremely stressed. Last summer after the July 4, 2006 report in the New Mexican, “Judge ends
woman's fight to reclaim condo,” a man I hired said, “I know you, you’re the woman who got
f___ed.” I didn’t think that was a good sign, but I’d already given him money to get materials. It
was so stressful as weeks went by and he didn’t come back. Clearly if I couldn’t get my condo
back I couldn’t get $200 back; I’m sure that’s how the man saw it. So when courts deny
accommodation and decide against the disabled it gives carte blanche to those who want to take
advantage. Waiting so long in the cold for an ADA ride that is so late is extremely hard on my
body. These court things are extremely stressful because of how property is not supposed to be
taken without due process. I did not have due process: 1. Deutsche served me the Amended

Complaint during my bankruptcy in violation of 11 U.S.C. §362, [RP 66], (which by law makes
the Amended Complaint void); 2. there wasn’t a hearing on my request for accommodation in my
Answer [RP 149]; 3. there wasn’t a hearing on my motion for accommodation under the ADA,
Title II [RP 152]; 4. there wasn’t a hearing on the Condominium Association’s breach of contract
claimed in my Answer [RP 149];  5. there wasn’t a hearing on the Condominium Association liens
despite my repeated requests [RP 325], [RP 326] and the first request was disregarded by the
clerks and is not shown in the Record Proper; 6. there wasn’t a hearing on my claim in my
Answer for the amount Deutsche overcharged [RP 149]; 7. Deutsche never told me my condo
had been foreclosed – for the Certificate of Mailing, dated December 23, 2005, filed January 3,
2006 [RP 172] to show my name is a fraud on the court; 8. Deutsche never gave me personal
notice that a sale was scheduled. How can this not shock the conscience of the court? (If this is an
example of American Rule of Law, then I can see why Iraq looks the way it does since the United
States installed its Rule of Law in that country.)

I’ve repeatedly checked Deutsche’s Motion for Summary Judgment and Application for Stipulated
Judgment [RP 138] and the Summary Judgment, Stipulated Judgment, Default Judgment, Decree
of Foreclosure, Order of Sale and Appointment of Special Master [RP 160] to be sure my name
isn’t in the Certificate. I can’t today because Ms. Schneider has my copies.

I have been working on this next part ever since I sent the email yesterday, 1/6/07. That’s seven
hours yesterday and another hour so far today: it is so time consuming to get straight because of
my brain damage. What is extremely frustrating is the error in my Brief Requested by the Court
Regarding Rule 1-055 and Notice, filed May 9, 2006 [RP 804].

May 9 was the second part of the May 5 hearing. Ms. Schneider had quit on May 5, knowing the
second part of the hearing was yet to be held. I had to do the second part of the hearing on my
own without any copies of any of the papers that had been served by opposing parties since Ms.
Schneider began.

The Court requested the Brief so I took that to mean that questions were still being decided and
were not ripe for appeal. If the Court had signed an order ending my time to appeal on the day
before the Brief it requested was due, what was I to think? I mean, seriously. Demanding a Brief
from me to be completed between the 5p.m. end of the hearing on the 5th, and the beginning of
the hearing on 9th clearly denied me any accommodation for my disability. So it’s not surprising
that without accommodation I made the error in the Brief that I did, and it’s not surprising that I
didn’t think I had to appeal yesterday when I went into Court with the Brief on May 9th. What

reasonable man would think that? Plus, I was not the only one to see questions as open: opposing
counsel filed, May 9, 2006, Additional Briefing on Pending Issues Concerning Defendant Kline’s
Motion to Set Aside Judgment [RP 811].

In any case, my error that I am now aware of is in section 9 of my Brief [RP 804] where I was
trying to address how less than 24 hours advance written notice to prepare for the March 8 hearing
denied me due process even if I didn’t have a mental disability and wasn’t entitled to reasonable
accommodation under the ADA, Title II, which made the Order Approving Special Master’s
Report and Confirming Foreclosure Sale [RP 385] void. I wanted to make clear that the order was
void on solid grounds additional to the Court denying me reasonable accommodation to which I
was entitled under the ADA, Title II.

When I tried to quote from
Wright & A. Miller, Mullane v. Central Hanover Bank, Memphis
Light, Gas & Water Division v. Craft, In re Center Wholesale, Inc.
and Winhoven v. United
, I got the quotes confused; for instance, despite having the Winhoven v. United States case
in hard copy in front of me, I confused it to be Winhoven, a United States Supreme Court case.
There was not enough time for me to work out and correct my errors. Please refer to how long it
took me to correct a simple email problem with the help of many techs, pgs 3-5 above, when you
consider whether or not I could have found and corrected this in the amount of time I was given to
do the Brief, which included no accommodation for my disability.

At the May 9th hearing I read five points, Exhibit
1.  For points 1-4 I had the appropriate copies to
show the truth of what I was saying and I gave these copies to the Court and opposing counsel.
For point 5, I was unable to get a copy of the Certificate as to the State of the Record [RP 136]
because the file was in Chambers. I had written point 5 knowing that the Certificate [RP 136],
Exhibit 2, could not have accurately accounted for the Automatic Stay and the Amended
Complaint [RP 66] and found me in default because the Amended Complaint was served on me in
violation of 11 USC § 362 on March 29, 2006 [RP 66]. When I pointed out the substantial error
of service of the Amended Complaint in violation of the automatic stay the Court sua sponte
ordered [RP 878] the Certificate as to the State of the Record revised so as not to obviously rely
on a void document served during the automatic stay, Exhibit 3. Changing the records to enhance
the appearance that the automatic stay did not exist exceeded the Court’s discretion and may show
a predetermination that there was “no way” I would get my condo back. The automatic stay
needed to be accounted for in the Certificate, just as I needed to be served a valid Amended
Complaint. It is not signed by me.

It is extremely distressing not just to lose my condo that I paid on for over 17 years, that I fixed so
that the privy pit wasn’t there any more, that I was working on after it had been foreclosed and
sold because I didn’t know it had been foreclosed and sold, but that I could repeatedly be denied
rights and protections. And then I can’t appeal because I’m not fast enough. I can’t see how a
void document and effectively void judgments can be upheld against me and my appeal denied
because I wasn’t fast enough. Yes, the rule about when to appeal is important, but aren’t rights
and protections important? The Court and lawyers are professionals, and I’m mentally disabled,
yet I’m held to a higher standard than they are. Is that equitable?

Isn’t it shocking to the conscience of the court that no hearing was scheduled when I repeatedly
requested one [RP 325], [RP 326], on my Objection to Order Approving Sale [RP 208] [RP 209]
[RP 223]. I went to the March 8, 2006 hearing believing that the Sale had already

been confirmed because I had read an order to that effect in the file. It was the Order prepared by
Leverick and attached to his motion seeking approval. Because of my disability and how I had not
been informed of the foreclosure or sale, I saw it as me also not having been informed of a hearing
prior to approval of sale. This is significant because in 1997 I had gotten my condo back after
foreclosure and sale but before sale was confirmed. So I knew how important approval of sale
was. By denying me accommodation, by ignoring my pleadings which made it clear that I saw the
sale as already approved, by allowing notice of hearing to be delivered to me less than 24 hours
before the March 8th hearing, a hearing that was scheduled at the request of Deutsche, after I’d
spent thousands on my condo to prepare it for sale, only it had already been sold without me
knowing, the Court was acting repeatedly with extreme prejudice against me.

How could I possibly know that Ms. Schneider would ignore the deadline for my reconsideration
motion when she filed her amended Rule 59 motion in which she wrongly wrote that the Amended
Complaint was served on me on March 18, 2005, which was before my bankruptcy; in fact it was
served on me on March 29, 2005 [RP 66] which is while I was in bankruptcy. I had given Ms.
Schneider documentation of the real dates. During the May 5th hearing Ms. Schneider made this
same mistake, and when I wrote her a note indicating the error, she said no, that I was wrong, it
had been served on me before my bankruptcy. She was patently wrong, but was convinced she
was right and would not say the correct thing that was the fact. (This is so distressing, and it is
extremely distressing that with all the obvious due process violations and deprivations the Appeals
Court would decide to affirm the state court’s judgments which should more correctly be ruled,
sua sponte, as void given the full circumstances here, to include my disability.

Further to the above, on April 4, 2006, Ms. Schneider had filed Karen Kline’s Rule 60 Motion
[RP 619] and Karen Kline’s Amended Rule 59 Motion [RP 635]. The two documents are
identical except for their “Comes now” paragraphs, the fact that the Rule 60 Motion begins with
the 2nd paragraph of the Rule 59 Motion, and their “Wherefore” paragraphs. Both documents
contain the error regarding the date of service of the Amended Complaint. Because the Amended
Complaint was served during my bankruptcy, in violation of federal law, and not before, and was
void, this is not harmless error, it is a substantial error.

I tried diligently to get Ms. Schneider to make her pleadings conform to the facts to my favor, but
she refused to get back to me then filed almost exactly the same errors a few days later. By the
time she brought over her bill on April 6th, for another $2,417.14 on top of the $5,000 I’d paid
her in advance on March 22nd, I was quite sick again and having a hard time talking and writing.
That was from having gotten so cold and exhausted from sitting outside waiting for her on March
27th (at that time I couldn’t sit even indoors for long without getting severe pain in my thoracic
diaphragm) and then not being able to sleep because of worry about what she’d written and how
she suddenly wouldn’t talk to me, and how she’s written that my chances of redemption were
very low, but still had me deposit the money despite the huge interest. You can see the number of
mistakes in the email I sent her about how hard it was to get the papers she’d left.

Because I was worried by how she had not been on time to pick me up, and how she didn’t seem
to care, I became concerned that she had written that I was incompetent because she wanted the
Court to put her in control of my affairs. That worried me because she was charging out her work
at the rate of $2,500 a week, or thereabouts, which was a lot of money to me given that I’d been
living on $11 a week during the time between my single family rental tenants burning out the boiler
and leaving me without an income, and selling that home, having given a $3,400 credit to replace
the boiler.

On April 6, 2006, Ms Schneider reversed her behavior and got right back to me by email. I think
she was thinking I was going to immediately pay her additional bill of $2,417.14.

My reply noted my mobility problem, the effect of the stress, and my surprise that she
hadn’t handed me the papers.

On April 13, 2006, Ms. Schneider informed me by email that a hearing had been set for May 5,
2006. Notice of Hearing appears in the Record Proper on April 7, 2006. [RP 673]

On April 27, 2006 I emailed some of my concerns including how she’d written on her bill, “close
to ZERO chance of winning redemption” but still had me deposit the money.

Later on the 27th I contacted lawyers I thought might possibly help: Michael Pottow and Bill
Sawtell. I didn’t know Mr. Sawtell was so ill. I had known him years earlier when I worked as a
Realtor, successfully, for him. Plus, my friend McKenzie said that Tony Sawtell had helped her,
so I also asked him. I sent emails to Michael Pottow and Christine Lund for the Sawtells. (When I
had called, Christine Lund had told me that Bill Sawtell hadn’t been in the office because he was
ill. She didn’t indicate how ill he was.) My email began as follows:

Neither Michael Pottow nor Tony Sawtell could help so I prayed that Tami would do a good job.
But I was worried. I worried that if very little time had been set for the hearing it meant it wouldn’
t take long to say no to my side. I wondered what the hearing had to do with the Trial thing I’d
seen on Ms. Schneider’s bill. So on May 2, 2006, I emailed Ms. Schneider asking her how the
hearing was related to the trial thing she’d paid for. I had thought, when I’d seen a $100 Jury
Demand Fee on her bill, that a trial was to replace the other things to do with setting aside the
foreclosure judgment.

Then I realized that I’d asked how much time was set for the hearing in the subject line but not in
the email itself. I wanted to know how much time had been set and I wanted to know what
relationship there was between the hearing and the jury trial, so I wrote another email:

When I didn’t hear back, I wrote another email and sent it:

I should have set the fields to show the email times. I’m at the point where I can’t remember what
I’ve done. I have to keep going back to look at each page. It takes so long.

I hoped when I wrote to people to come to the hearing that Ms. Schneider would want to perform
well in front of them, if not for me. Now I think that she did, but her performance was the crying.
I cannot understand why she did the jury thing and didn’t concentrate on the legal reasons to get
my condo back. It was Doug Booth, who had suggested her, who told me to use a deadline, to say
that if she didn’t call then I’d have to call the disciplinary committee.

Ms. Schneider did not respond by 10 a.m. so I called the disciplinary committee; they must have
called her because at 3:33 she emailed. But it was so distressing. I don’t know why I thought she
was going to do a good job of representing me in the hearing when this is how she was treating
me. But I did. I was shocked when she quit during the hearing. She had told me that she was
going to withdraw after the hearing. So I thought we would discuss it after the hearing. I thought if
she did get it together that I’d just give her the other money. She’d been upset that I was paying so
much in interest, so then she billed me the same amount as the interest. But the hearing had not
been going well. Everything she said, Leverick challenged and he had the rules to hand, where she
did not. Hiring her and paying interest to redeem took a third of all the money I had. But without
any accommodation I was particularly scared and that made it even harder to concentrate;

plus I thought that if I had a lawyer the Court couldn’t so easily discriminate against me, so I
thought it would be wise to hire a lawyer. Instead, it was a huge waste.

If Ms. Schneider sent me a copy of the notice saying the hearing was for one hour I didn’t
remember seeing it and couldn’t find it. However, I know that Ms. Schneider was writing falsely
when she wrote that she had repeatedly informed me that I needed to call her if I was sending an
email. She had not ever said that to me; and in any case, she stopped consistently answering my
calls after I objected to her writing that I am incompetent when in fact I am not, I have a disability.
If she was representing me she needed to get the distinction clear. There is a big legal difference.

I wrote back,

The day of the hearing I called her to say that my friend McKenzie had asked the newspaper to
come to the hearing, and that Tom Sharpe, the reporter, had called me.

I told Ms. Schneider by phone that Tom Sharpe had wanted her number and I’d given it to him.
That’s when she said that she was going to withdraw as my council after the hearing. I guess she
was going to spring it on me at court, but then I’d called her.

Reason 2 – Because of my disability, when Ms. Schneider quit during the hearing sometime
after Leverick said she had missed the Rule 59 Motion deadline, I needed to hear the date
of the extension so I could understand I had to appeal two days later, before the second
half of the hearing; but she failed to note it, instead she said there was still the Rule 60

The stress caused by Ms. Schneider missing the Rule 59 Motion deadline and quitting increased
my need for accommodation. But Ms. Schneider had not, despite my repeated emails, sought to
establish the accommodation I needed and which would have necessarily precluded me being in
default on August 5, 2005; plus, she now neglected to note the extension; instead she said there
was still the Rule 60 motion. So I heard that to mean that once the orders were filed then the
appeal time would run. In the absence of the accommodation to which I am entitled under the
ADA, Title II, there was insufficient time to get a clear understanding. I was too shocked and
scared, especially following being ignored for so long by her and the Court, to do anything but try
to do the Brief requested by the Court and prepare for the second part of the hearing.

Reason 3 – Because I Demonstrated Personal Diligence Which Was Thwarted by Ms.
Schneider, as shown throughout the many pages above.

Ms. Schneider thwarted me by failing to make corrections I diligently requested, by grossly
misrepresenting me as incompetent when in fact I am disabled, and by abandoning me mid hearing
in disregard for my disability and need for accommodation of more time. Case law Rule 1-060
annotations says, “Under New Mexico law, a party will generally be bound by his or her attorney’
s actions, and to escape a default judgment resulting from his or her attorney’s gross acts and

failures, the client must demonstrate personal diligence which was thwarted by the attorney;”
Adams v. Para-Chem Southern, 1998-NMCA-161, 126 N.M. 189, 967 P.2d 864.

If personal diligence is needed to avoid a default caused by a lawyer, then similarly it must be the
lynchpin to avoid a failure to timely file notice of appeal. I have shown mine.

Reason 4 – Because of Three Substantial Errors.

Substantial Error One -
In two of Ms. Schneider’s motions, “Karen Kline’s Rule 60 Motion”
[RP 619] and “Karen Kline’s Amended Rule 59 Motion” [RP 635] each filed on April 4, 2006,
she made the substantial error of writing that the Amended Complaint, filed March 16, 2005 [RP
27], was served on me on March 18, 2005. In fact it was served on me on March 29, 2005 [RP
66] in violation of the automatic stay; I had filed bankruptcy on March 21, 2005. It was not served
on me at any other time. Service in violation of the automatic stay is substantial error because any
act done in violation of the automatic stay is prohibited and a judgment based upon such an act is
void. During the May 5, 2006 hearing Ms. Schneider made this same substantial error and I wrote
her a note about it, but she said I was wrong, that it had been served before my bankruptcy. In
view of the Record Proper she was patently wrong yet she refused to correct this substantial error
even after I diligently asked her to do so.

Because the Amended Complaint was served during my bankruptcy, in violation of federal law,
the Amended Complaint was void. It was noted in the original Certificate of the Record used to
default me. That the Honorable Judge Vigil had the Certificate changed when I brought this

substantial error to his attention on May 9, 2006 does not make the Amended Complaint served
on me in violation of the Automatic Stay any less void.

Substantial Error Two – Because of my disability I have a right to accommodation under the
ADA, Title II; therefore setting the default date to be August 5, 2004, without regard to my
disability and without granting me any accommodation despite the fact that I am entitled to
reasonable accommodation, was a substantial error that prejudicially affected my rights. It greatly
damaged me without any justification. Not only did Ms. Schneider thwart my diligent efforts to get
her to write the real date of the Certificate of the Record and Motion for Summary Judgment, see
pgs 7-8, 14, she refused to prosecute my right to reasonable accommodation under the ADA, Title
II,  even after I diligently asked her to do so, see pgs 7-8, 14. The date of my default could not be
calculated without a hearing on the amount of additional time I needed to answer as reasonable
accommodation of my disability.

. . . I can’t remember how to find cases. I can not get Findlaw to work for me today. I was happy
earlier because my feet weren’t spongy so it wasn’t scary feeding the goldfish; when my feet are
spongy I risk putting my hand down to catch myself which could knock the bowl over. But now I’
ve been trying for hours to figure this out, and then my computer shut down and when I turned it
back on there was one of those screens you only get when there’s a bad problem, so I
defragmented. But I’m worried, and that may be why I can’t do things.

I’m worried because I don’t have a copy of the signed Foreclosure Judgment, so I don’t know if I
am right to remember it not having me in its Certificate of Mailing. I know the motion didn’t have
me in its Certificate of Mailing. That I know. But the Foreclosure Judgment of December 15, I
don’t know. I don’t think it did because there wasn’t a signature line for me,

that’s what Ms. Schneider wrote. But she didn’t bring me the copies I requested, and I doubt she
mailed them, though the fact is I’m having the same distressing problems with my mail.

I know I did not receive notice until after I had gone to the court file with Juliana Hope after she
told me that Rick Green said he had bought title to my condo. I could have gotten an affidavit
from Michelle Duran, who brought in my mail every week through Adult Protective Services,
confirming that it was not in the mail, but there wasn’t time when the hearing was held with less
than 24 hours notice, and I can’t just get the affidavit, I have to do a deposition because she works
for the state. But then when the trial court allowed no accommodation and I was told that the
judge had said there was no way I would get my condo back I thought I’d better hire an attorney
because that might reduce how much prejudice could be shown. But the attorney made things
worse by falsely writing that I’d been served the Amended Complaint before I filed bankruptcy
and failing to prosecute my right to accommodation.

At the March 8th hearing when I said I had no notice of the Motion for Summary Judgment or of
the Foreclosure Judgment and Schedule of Sale, that my name wasn’t in the Certificates of
Mailing, I thought I’d checked the Motion of August 5 and the Foreclosure Judgment of December
15. I was sure I’d checked them both. But the judge found my name on a Certificate of Mailing,
and I was unable to figure out where that Certificate was located. I was extremely distressed by
being made to appear at a hearing without time to prepare. For me to be so unprepared and under
duress had got to be a tremendous help to the opposition.

I wish I had never given my papers to Ms. Schneider, so at least now I could be sure whether or
not my name is on the Certificate of Mailing for the Foreclosure Judgment. I

don’t think it is. I think that the judge found my name on the Certificate of Mailing for the notice
that was sent out after the sale. I tried to get the hearing made into a transcript [RP 401] [RP 439]
but the CD couldn’t be made into a tape because the place that does that said it was showing as
blank and the court people wanted it back to see if that was true, and I only had an hour and a half
help each week from Adult Protective Services to do everything, so it wasn’t possible to ever get it
done because of my disability. If I were able minded I would have been able to think of a way to
do it, or if I’d been able to count on accommodation. But I had no accommodation, in fact my
motion to this day has no ruling in the Record Proper either denying or granting. My condo was
foreclosed on the basis of a Certificate as to the State of the Record which on its face shows no
accommodation for my disability, as well as originally relying on a void Amended Complaint which
served on me in violation of the automatic stay. 11 USC § 362.

Without the papers I gave to Ms. Schneider, to check right now, it is hard to do this because that
is taking much of my mind’s capacity. I’m not sure how it works, but without being able to finish
the Certificate of Mailing thing in my mind, by looking at it and finishing it, my mind has this
confusion in it. This is a part of what I mean about doing one thing at a time, and it having to be
like a train on tracks, all in a line. This is what is so worrying to me. I can’t go to the court and get
a copy, I wish I could. But if I schedule an ADA ride and am left there like I was left at the Court
of Appeals I might no longer be well enough to take care of myself. And that would make things
worse. It’s sad making to be denied accommodation and to lose my condo that I paid on and took
care of for over 17 years; and sad making to have the Appeals Court read all that I provided in my
Docketing Statement and then propose to affirm. Plus, this is extremely frustrating. Before I had

this brain damage I could do so many different things at once and switch between things with no
trouble at all. Not so any more. So I may file tomorrow because there’s a lot here. It’s just not
quite finished. January 10, 2007. (January 11, the driver and his wife were having a baby.)

Back to the liens and Ms. Schneider: On May 8, 2006, Ms. Schneider sent me an email falsely
saying she answered her phone and returned my calls promptly. Earlier emails disprove this.

Would the Court take me seriously if I used her first suggestion?

Re 2: Because the Court acted as if I was not in default by excusing Judge Garcia [RP 148] when
I asked [RP 147], then it made sense that I would be able to answer thereafter [RP 149] and

validly file my Motion for Accommodation [RP 152], in which case it followed that Plaintiff would
act as if I were not in default.  But it’s like when I did my third party complaint in my first two
foreclosures. It took me so long to understand the one sentence that I thought was central to being
able to proceed with a third party complaint; I copied it and highlighted it; I tried formatting it so
that the meaning would be clearer. But it had two ideas in it, and that’s the kind of thing I have so
much trouble with. If I’m doing just one thing, I can carry on like a train on tracks. When there
are two different things together, rather than in a linear alignment, that’s when my mind won’t
work right anymore. I had worked so hard on that complaint, and then I got tetanus before I could
finish serving it. Tetanus is a horrible disease. I no longer think that it would be possible for
anyone to be tortured and not say whatever they were asked to say. The pain was shocking,
extreme and fearful. And it made it so much harder to do things after I was bed bound. Then my
computer broke right around Thanksgiving, 2005, and it took months to replace it because the first
one that arrived was damaged. Without a computer to support my memory, things are bleak. In
any case, the money from the pit that was owed to me corresponded to the foreclosures. So if
there weren’t any foreclosures then the people who owed me money would have owed me very
little, just their 4/5ths of the privy pit remediation. Maybe she was wrong, but the lawyer at
PrePaid Legal Services had said that my case was appropriate to use a third party complaint. But
the hearings in those cases were all done with less than the regular amount of notice, much less
enough for me to be able to prepare. And, at that time I still had a hard time talking, physically
talking, because of the way that the tetanus had tightened my thoracic diaphragm muscles.

All of which I mention because I felt that the state court was angry that I was foreclosed and then
I saved my property by using bankruptcy. I felt that was why the state court countenanced the
condo foreclosure being entered with no notice to me, so that I could not use bankruptcy again.
The state Court said I misused bankruptcy because I had written that I used it to get more time,
but I had to because I was denied the reasonable accommodation to which I have a right.

[Sentences deleted about computer shutting down; not being able to file myself: if I were left in the
cold again I might not be able to take care of myself anymore; and how I’m describing my
disability so that the Court can see why my disability makes me need more time.]

I will attach an early letter I wrote to Ms. Schneider. Exhibit 4. It shows how we communicated
before she wrote that I am incompetent, and by contrast it shows the difference after I objected to
being falsely described as incompetent by Ms. Schneider in a pleading.

When I paid Ms. Schneider $5,000 up front, I had a reasonable expectation that she would
represent me honestly, me as I am, that is, disabled. I am mentally disabled. As a mentally
disabled American, I need accommodation in order to function. But I can function, I am not
incompetent. During the days Ms. Schneider refused to respond to me after I objected to what she
had falsely written I couldn’t sleep for worry. It is my belief that she had a duty to respond to me
when I was bringing up something so basic. Plus, as far as I can tell she has never answered me
about the jury thing, what part it was playing.

I do not understand why, if the default judgment was void as to the junior lienholders, as per Ms.
Schneider’s email, that did not play a part in the redemption. It seems to me that is where it
functions. And, if it functions in that area then it ceased to be true that there was “ZERO” chance
for my redemption, to quote Ms. Schneider in word and emphasis.

Respectfully submitted,

Karen Marie Kline

I have written to Tami Schneider asking for her physical address for service of process since you
(the Disciplinary Board) decided that she did a fine job of representing me and asked me,
horrifyingly, to finish paying what she asked. You also said that if I didn’t like it I could sue her.

I didn’t like it, so I would like to sue her in front of a jury.

Only she doesn’t have a listed address and I don’t know her attorney husband’s name.

Plus, my letter sent to her PO Box was returned. So perhaps she has closed the box.

Do you honestly think she deserves the money she took from me?

I sure don’t.

Please review the above material and reconsider your decision.


Karen Marie Kline

(Mailed June 29, 2007)

Karen Marie Kline

Santa Fe, New Mexico  87507
March 23, 2006
Tami Schneider
PO Box  2311
Santa Fe, New Mexico   87504

Dear Tami,

When I woke up this morning I remembered that yesterday my stocks were down $1,500 so I
decided to wait till today to sell them. I was going to tell you that last night, but we started talking
about so many things that when we came to signing the contract, I completely forgot that I was
going to have the money next Wednesday, not the Tuesday.

Then, I saw that the contract doesn’t include you calling Darci Burson. I had thought you thought
she might change her mind about supporting Rick Green if you called her, and that he might give
up. Also you could call his lawyer with the same things.

When I say, “thought” I would be more accurate to say “believed:” See, in 2003 I had even more
trouble with my memory. I could not remember anything. In fact the shelves in my living room,
the white ones, were given to me by the Traumatic Brain Injury program so I could lay out the
legal papers in the foreclosures and that way I could see them, which was the only way to have
them in my mind.

But then after I got tetanus and was in bed for over a year, unable to move very much – I stayed
in a sitting position because I couldn’t straighten out -- I played huge numbers of computer games
of the kind the speech therapist had said were good exercises for regaining working memory. And,
they helped. For instance, I used to not be able to remember who I emailed to, and I couldn’t
repeat in my mind three things I needed to do because that was more than I could remember. But
now, I can remember what I’ve done, what room I’ve just been in. Before I had to keep repeating
to myself what I was doing, but now I can think that I’d like a cup of coffee and then go into the
kitchen and make myself a cup without having to keep repeating it.

So the improvement is huge.

If the loss hadn’t been so great, I’d be in better shape. There was just so much loss.

Okay, so I was talking to the other therapist, the one who was helping me come to grips with how
this changes my life, and I said that I’d noticed that when I was angry I swore normally. She said
that’s because the part of our brains that stores that kind of thing, things more like beliefs, is more
sturdy than the part that does working memory. So I told her that I was going to convert more
things into beliefs, so I could faster reactions on some things.
The thing is, now that I’ve been doing that, is that beliefs are static and not flexible like
 Exhibit 4

When I believe something, I remember it, but not in the way an idea is remembered where it’s
open to updating and change. Believing (as a substitute for proper remembering) is pretty
cumbersome. It’s like I have these blocks of “ideas” – blocks in the sense of bricks. These
“things” sit around in my mind and the new information which is more like light than bricks comes
into my mind and I can see it… but at the same time I can be stumbling over one or more of the
bricks. You’d think I could see that the new information is better and should be replacing the
bricks, but I don’t. It’s as if the “bricks” are an essential part of the view in my mind, even when
they are causing me to trip.

It’s hard to explain. But that’s one reason I can’t do things in court anymore. At the hearing to
Approve the Sale, for instance, I was fastened on the idea of the violation of the stay, and when
Judge Vigil said that he could find my name in the certificate of service, I wasn’t able to take that
information and identify what papers exactly he was talking about.

So, I’m much less confident than I used to be. And at the hearing, I failed to be able to show the
judge that I was talking about the motion for summary judgment.

It’s sort of like that with the contract last night. I didn’t see how it didn’t include some of the
bricks I had in my mind, like that you would approach this from the standpoint of how Rick Green
violated his ethics requirements and how he and Darci could lose their licenses. You had
mentioned the seriousness of that to me several times, so I had made this brick out of it.

I thought that seemed like a good approach.

I’ll have the lady who helps me on Thursdays mail this today. I think it’s a little more clear if you
see the context … the way that this is a part of my disability, than if I call you and just tell you
two sentences: one about the money and the other about letting Darci know that this isn’t okay. (I’
m reading this over before the lady comes, and I want to thank you for calling this morning.)

I thought I should say that sometimes I have a brick/belief in my mind that is different from what I’
m talking about or want to say, but it comes out even though it doesn’t fit. For instance, I used to
send emails to Realtors around the country, telling them about B12 and how being low on it can
affect thinking. I soon realized that I couldn’t do it after I watched the news, because if there was
something that grabbed my mind, like a flood, then instead of writing, “Let’s look at the numbers”
(because in Japan and other countries they rely on studies which show that at a B12 level of 550
there begins to be depression and cognitive dysfunction; in contrast, here in the U.S. labs show
“normal” to be as low as 180.) I would write, “Let’s look at the floods” and, I could not see the
mistake until maybe a day later when I’d be looking at my sent messages and see that some of
them stuck out from the pattern…

So, I can have two different things in mind that are mutually exclusive, and talk or write as if I
believe both of them to be true.

When I have enough time, I can go over things and get them right.
Sincerely,                                                Karen Marie Kline

The next email noted only that page 7 says “Karen Green’s condominium”:

Next I noted a deviation between the real numbers and what was in the pleading.
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