Original Condominium Development Plad signed by E. W. Sargent; used
by Condo Association lawyers to falsely show the pit to be solely beneath
my unit, as opposed to being largely in the common area.
Plat on which the
lawyers for the Condo
Association drew an
arrow indicating the
privy pit was only
under my unit. But of
course the Court did
not look at the facts,
or accommodate my
disability. The Court
just accepted this false
information which was
severely prejudicial to
Sorry if I sound
bitter, but this is a
tragedy for me and I
have not been able to
get a fair hearing and
therefore my home
has been foreclosed
and I am in

My comment about
the fair hearing is
based on Judge Hall
saying at an injuction
hearing that he would
see to it that I paid all
that I owed.

He did not sound as if
he felt he needed to
look at facts. I believe
this is related to the
Dean Johnson case.
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