Contrast these common element areas to the common element area next to my unit. The
Condominium Act requires that common element expenses be paid by all the condo unit
owners. Only I guess that isn't true if the person who needs it paid is disabled.
These pictures show:

1. a newly erected
coyote fence
extending along the
back property line
and ending when it
comes to my unit, as
well as wood for the
newly constructed
fireplace in Unit 1;

2. a shed that appears
to be for the
exclusive use of
someone other than
me, because I was
neither asked about
its construction nor
given a key to the

3. landscaping, a
bench, pottery
architectural item,
and bird feeder all
added since the
common element pit
was excavated and
the costs not shared
as they should have
been. I, Karen Kline,
took this photo on

When I took these
I had
tetanus, but didn't yet
know it.
Your fingernails reflect your health --
Learn some warning signs --
Karen Kline