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Twittering re Labor Day and Doctors...

September 7, 2009 - I receive dozens of emails from people
who have come to my site and read enough so that they begin to
see their health problems as possibly related to vitamin B12.
But, many decide to do nothing until they've talked to their doctor.

And, all too often their doctor has a vitamin B12 blood test done
on the person, with the result that the doctor says, No need for
vitamin B12, your levels are just fine! (Failing to mention that
he/she and the lab that processed the blood sample use 180 as
a healthy low level for vitamin B12.

The neurologist I was seeing thought 240 was an extremely low
level to be shown by a B12 test.

To read about the low that some countries use as the low for
B12, check out this page:

Japan, a country which uses 550 as the low for B12 was
6th in
length of life a few years ago. Today it is 1st.

One reason that 550 is used as a low for B12 tests, in terms of
what's "normal" is that 550 is the level at which changes in
cognition can be detected.

But, in the United States where we pay 3 times as much for
health care per person as Japan, we use a very low test result
as normal, with the result that many people are prescribed drugs
to "cure" symptoms of low B12, rather than treating the
underlying cause of the symptoms of low B12, which is LOW

If the US used a higher test level as the low, then thousands of
dollars in prescription profits would be lost because doctors
would have to treat vitamin B12 deficiency with vitamin B12.

So it goes with For Profit Health Care.

That's the gist of my twitters from earlier today:
Your fingernails reflect your health --
Learn some warning signs --
Karen Kline
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Pretty intense.

•  While in London I read re Homeopathy~Queen has
homeopathist as well as MD~It said in 1918 flu epidemic more
ppl treated w/homeopathy lived

•  The bk on Homeopathy also said that 1918 was when MDs
were organizing and they wanted to stamp out Homeopathy

•  So here in the US Homeopathy was effectively outlawed by US
doctors of medicine. My my.

•  Here's the thing~People don't die from homeopathy~But M.D.
prescriptions often kill~28,000 adversely affected by Vioxx as 1

•  Medical Doctors are in bed with Pharma, My gosh, you'd think
they were a Christian Republican governor or something

•  What particularly angers me about the M.D union, The
American Medical Association, is that they allow ppl to suffer
from low vitamin B12.

•  Yes, MDs may well prescribe a drug to address some
symptom of low B12, but they don't treat the cause of the problem
very often.

•  Much dementia is a result of low B12~So is much advertised
"restless leg syndrome"~Feeling insects crawlng on legs is
symptom of low B12

•  In some cases the drugs that relieve symptoms of low B12
reduce stress and the body is able to recover its B12 levels

•  But, in many cases the underlying low B12 level continues to go
down, with increasingly serious health problems resulting.

•  In Japan, where the people live longer than anywhere else on
earth, the "low" for B12 is 550. Here in the US the low is 180. BIG

•  Why such a vast difference in "normal" level for a vitamin? Is it
b/c of myriad resulting health probs 4 which drugs can b
prescribed in US?

•  Today on Labor Day, why not consider how the labor of doctors
is ACTUALLY affecting you~Look at your own health~Begin
studying yourself

•  You've made my day! RT @MorganaJezebel @ConsiderThis1
It's helping the Fibro~I have more energy & doubled dose of Vit
Bs~That's helping too

•  Updated my Milk Thistle pg~I'd forgotten that research shows
Milk Thistle can be effective re cholesterol and cardiac issues

•  I had horrendous allergies~BComplex vitamins made them go
away RT @Lavender_Lines Over stressed & over tired means
allergies in over drive

Health Boundaries Bite

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