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Beliefs can be tragic

Twittering because beliefs can lead to tragedy

September 6, 2009 - For me the saddest thing I've ever
seen reported was the mother who bought an expensive,
healthy fruit drink for her child, only to have the drink kill her
child because it was contaminated with
e coli from having
been made with fruit that had fallen on the ground and come
in contact with animal feces.

What makes it so sad for me is that she tried so hard to do
the best for her child. She believed the drink was healthy
when in fact it was lethal.

From being inculcated with Catholicism from an early age, I
know that I believe many things that are neither true, nor
good for me to believe.

It is from this place, then, that I twittered the following about
health, health care, and tragic beliefs about what is healthy.
Your fingernails reflect your health --
Learn some warning signs --
Karen Kline

It's life's illusions I recall

2.  It's life's illusions I recall RT @Shaman777 listening to
"Joni Mitchell - Both Sides, Now" ♫

4.  When we are taught to believe, then it's really hard to
break through to hear new information, away from the beliefs.

5.  We listen only to what we want to hear, facts that aren't in
our desired belief system are all but silenced.

6.  Another aspect of Obamacare that's seldom discussed is
presented by  Deepak Chopra http re needless tests &
procedures (I wonder how pressured he was to remove the
video ~~ It's now gone)

Health Boundaries Bite

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We believe in tests and procedures

7.  Needless tests & procedures are part of our belief
system~Even though many harm more than help, we believe
in them

8.  It isn't Christian Republicans alone who believe in needlss
tests & procedures~Changing this 1 belief would b HIGHLY
cost effective Obamacare

9.  Re test costs: I had several B12 related tests through my
doc costing $66~A yr later I ordered them; b/c I called them in
they were $600+

10. That is a BIG difference in cost. And, that is apparently
the profit margin.

11. I refused to pay the entire increase. I don't use credit
anymore because if I did I could be made to pay way too
much for things.

12. I have accepted that I will have bad credit if I object to
unconscionable costs/profits. So, I don't use credit.

13. If you haven't watched the @Deepak_Chopra video about
needless tests & procedures and their costs, watch it now
http://alturl.com/n9nr  (It appears Deepak removed the video)

Costly tests vs Listening to your body

14. Costly tests in many cases cannot tell you more than you
can know by simply paying attention to your body

15. You can choose to use a costly test, or you can evaluate
common problems in relation to vitamins and minerals. For
instance, numbness

16. Do u have numbness? 1 of many symptoms of low B12. U
can get Methylcobalamin, use it, & when numbness goes away
u KNOW low B12 was the prob.

17. B4 B12 tests were developed, doctors routinely prescribed
B12 shots, then if the low B12 symptoms went away, the doctor
diagnosed low B12

18. That was how it was done ~ So you can do that, you can
check a list of symptoms of low B12 ~ If you have symptoms,
use Methylcobalamin lozenges

Potency . . .

19.  Further, when new drugs are tested a lot of the drug is
used so as to see if it is effective. When tests on vitamins are
done, little is used

20. Vitamin C in small amounts is gd, but not nearly as effective
as when taken in larger doses for actual problems, like infection.

21. Similarly, taking a small amount of B12, say 1,000 mcg a
day (that's 1mg) is not going to do much to get rid of a very
serious problem

22. Taking small amounts of vitamins is good when you aren't
eating a balanced diet.

23. Taking small amounts of vitamins to reverse serious
problems is silly ~ It's like dragging your foot out the door of
your car to stop it.

24. How much of a vitamin is good 4 you, is something you
need 2 discover ~ Asking your doc is costly & the doc may not
give you the right answer

Nerve damage vastly changed my life

25. I'm writing this because damage to my nerves has vastly
changed my life. I used to be described as phlegmatic. I was
"cool" - but now...

26. Just working on legal things causes my nerves to revert
back 2 problems I had when I had tetanus ~ A central nervous
system disease

27. One reason US spends three times what Japan does per
person on health care is that we love tests, but the Japanese
live much longer.

28. If we could replace our love of tests, our belief in misguided
beliefs, with better knowledge of ourselves, we would have
better health

29. Anyone looking @ the profit involved in healthcare cannot
avoid seeing that the present debate has much to do with

30. Billionaires for Wealthcare lobby the debate in the direction
best for them NOT us

$126/mo on vitamins stops allergies, depression, numbness, infections

31. I spend about $126/mo on vitamins~This investment stops
depression, numbness, allergies, infections.
And that's before I
switched to Organic and vastly cut my costs.
How much r u
paying 4 similar results?

32. RT @JonHutson @chaosfilms Obama organizers & donors
are telling @WhiteHouse 2 fight 4 #publicoption

33. My LONG series of tweets about health and health care
netted me one new follower who appears to be a REAL person.
I'm stoked!

34. It they r already bad, BComplex vitamins can't make them
go away~ If just starting, try it RT @Billy_Dickson Alergies... i
hate them

36. Well, time to check my brown rice. :-)

37. I just saw the not lrg lizard in my garden. It came right up to
me, I think b/c my Trello shoes are the same color blue as its

38. Really cute lizard!!!!

39. Solar heating water 2 do a wash~My non-toxic hose should
arrive this wk~That will b fun!~I was afraid the lizard was going
2 get on the hose

40. My hands itch since using the
black hose with lead in its