Healthy eating is composed of many things:  There's the finding
and buying (or growing) of good, healthy ingredients, the cooking
of them so that the most nutrients remain when it comes to
eating, and then there's serving the carefully prepared food so
that it shows off its beauty, reflecting the care you've taken.

One of the first things I did after I sold my rental was buy new
dinnerware. I'm glad I did because the stoneware gives me joy,
though it's peculiar to see it's what Walt and his family use in
Breaking Bad. Time for me to change.

If I have any extra money in the near
future I'll buy a set or two of the Jardine
pattern by Espana Dinnerware for its
lovely folk art look.

Years ago I found excellent pieces at
GoodWill here in Santa Fe. But recently
their things seem overpriced for what
they are, especially when I can buy new
things for nearly the same amount, and
sometimes even less.


Proctor Silex electric kettles are everywhere, but shouldn't be.
    They smell when heating water because there is
    decomposition. The
    manufacturer insists
                       their product is safe,
                   I just had to boil
vinegar in it once, that would remove
the smell. But, not true.

Mine continued to smell so I replaced it
with a stainless Farberware coffee maker
from which I removed the percolator
parts. No more Proctor Silex smell,
and I feel better than when I was
using the plastic kettle. (If it released a
smell, what did it release into the water
I used to make my coffee and tea? And, just because it's
a small amount of toxins being released does NOT make it safe.)
Stonewall Kitchen, LLC
"The taste for well-being is
the prominent and indelible
feature of democratic times."
      Alexis de
    Tocqueville, 1835
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"A smiling face is half the meal."
      Latvian Proverb
"Kissing don't last: cookery do."
      George Meredith
"Cooking is like love. It should
be entered into with abandon
or not at all."
      Harriet Van Horne
"Strange to see how a good
dinner and feasting reconciles
      Samuel Pepys
“The French peasant cuisine is
at the basis of the culinary art.
By this I mean it is composed of
honest elements that la grande
cuisine only embellishes.”
      Alexandre Dumaine
Your fingernails reflect your health --
Learn some warning signs --
    Karen Kline

Making Easy Work of Tasks

10/17/10 - My rolling task chair is working
VERY well! I ordered it to use in the kitchen
after I've pulled onions and my back is telling
me to sit rather than peel onions.

When I saw how sturdy the chair's steel
base is I tried it in my garden where I was
doing far too little because I so often had to
return to my deck to sit down, due to pain.

The tractor-seat task  chair is fantastic. I can
rotate to trim many different plants and do
far more than in the past. Plus, its seat
height is adjustable. You do have to be
careful not to tip. Which is not a problem in
the kitchen.

Non-stick or Stainless?

I switched to stainless some years ago when I was growing garlic. I
loved fresh garlic sautéed for pasta sauce. Plus, I was convinced it
would improve my health. But I couldn't get ahead of the feeling I was
getting the flu. More garlic wasn't helping.

When I told a friend how garlic wasn't all it was cracked up to be, that
I'd been sautéing it fresh from my garden and not feeling any better
despite generous amounts day after day, she told me how she'd had
love birds but lost all of them when she was sautéing onions in her
Teflon pan. Was I using Teflon, she asked.

In fact, I was. I had seen that the coating breaks down over time in the
dishwasher, but I was unaware that the
coating breaks down and gives
off toxins at the temperature used to saute onions and garlic. I switched
to stainless and immediately I stopped feeling like I was getting flu.

Buy stainless cookware. It will reward you for decades. Stainless steel
is healthier for cooking than Teflon. Olive oil keeps things from sticking
and Olive oil is healthy!!!
One of the keys to light
cakes, is proper mixing.
Which takes a lot of time.
Take the time out of mixing
with this handy, and very
attractive, Breville mixer from
Stonewall Kitchen
My herb garden is key to the
wonderful aroma when I'm
cooking. This herb mill
makes chopping easy, but
best of all, fine. The
microplane herb mill is one
of the most handy of cook's
tools available from
Stonewall Kitchen.
We coffee drinkers are less
likely to have kidney stones or
commit suicide. Happiness!
Because I can't stand for very long the Black
and Decker Power Scrubber is great for
getting a lot done in a little while.
To keep it running
smoothly I went to
rechargeable batteries. I
began with Sanyo eneloop
but the charger is finicky,
so I went to Sony which
had excellent reviews.
Black & Decker Power Scrubber
Sony Charger and 4 Pre-Charged 2000 mAh AA Batteries
Task Chair with Tractor Seat
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Health Boundaries Bite

Kitchen ~ a la carte

A friend in London, Virginia, bought an antique tile then another quite
unrelated to the first, except that she liked it. At the time I revered
uniform ~~ matching this with matching that. Virginia's tiles defied my
sense of desirable design. The dust on her tiles in their cardboard
box seemed suitable.

Next visit, Virginia's tiles were the centerpiece of her kitchen redo ~ a
delight on the wall behind her cooker and work surfaces. They drew
my eyes along their unexpectedness, removing my fascination with
same on same.

Do your kitchen like Virginia. Choose what you like, a la carte.
Cuisinart's 10 piece stainless set has
skillets in two sizes, a covered chef's pan,
a stock pot and covered pots in two sizes.
Each piece has riveted handles for secure
use. The mirror finish is a delight. Save
hundreds of dollars buying from Amazon.
Shipping is free with Amazon Prime. You
can easily be cooking  healthier.
Cuisinart Chef's Classic Stainless 10-Piece Cookware Set
Say you don't need the whole set and have
nowhere to put all those pieces. You can
select exactly what you need at Macy's. For
instance the Chef's pan ~ Great from sauté to
finished veggies and chicken. It's one of my
Cuisinart Chef's Pan, Chef's Classic Stainless 3 Qt. Covered
Cuisinart Multi-Pot, Stainless 5.5 Qt.
When you want to put a wealth of vegetables
in with your chicken and brown rice (those just
happen to be my favorites) a large pot means
that after dinner you'll have enough left to put
into lunch sized containers in the freezer.


My 2 quart pots become much hotter much faster than 3 quart pots.
Because I cook (and heat) using
candles (solar doesn't support an
electric stove which is fine because candles work great!) the efficiency
of the pot makes for a big savings in the amount of wax I buy.

If you want to save money on gas/electricity you can pare down your
pot size and use one with an especially conductive bottom.

I have several aluminum
core pots and pans and
am pleased. Aluminum
conducts heat very well.

Aluminum is NOT good
to cook directly in or on,
however. (Manufacturers
say it's fine, but I believe
the decades of reports by
people who say aluminium
in its many uses contributed
to their Alzheimer's Disease. I don't think there's
anything to worry about if you use aluminum foil
to cover a turkey for roasting, but everyday use
in cooking, or in diet drinks may after some
years have a bad effect.) I'm unwilling to chance
using aluminum pots regularly for cooking.

All of the stainless steel pots above have
aluminum core bases to aid in quick, uniform
eating and cooking.
Farberware Percolator, 4-12 Cup
Vida by Espana Dinnerware, Jardine Square
Lenox Dinnerware, Butterfly Meadow 4 Piece Place Setting
Fiesta Dinnerware, 5 Piece Place Setting
Villeroy & Boch Dinnerware, French Garden Arles
Home page basic 120 x 600
Stonewall Kitchen, LLC

Quick Work

Having the right tools to hand can bring joy to an otherwise
tedious task.
This little chopper from
among Stonewall Kitchen's
Cooks Tools works without
electricity so there's no cord
coiling around on your work
surface. It's quick, efficient,
and cute. Aren't those the
hallmarks of kitchen tools you
On a trip to France I enjoyed
the way simple things were
made special. A tomato salad
became unforgettable simply
because it placed perfectly
sliced tomatoes with a light,
herb, olive oil and vinegar
dressing on a white plate.
Stunning. Now you can have
perfect tomato slices.

Most Basic of All

I've begun to understand health risks from genetically engineered plants.
I had thought Monsanto genetically modifying seeds were like hybrid
plants, where pollen is mixed to create new types of plants. I didn't
appreciate that what Monsanto was doing was vastly different ~~
engineering the DNA of plants so that more of Monsanto's weed killer,
RoundUp, could be sold.

It's still hard for me to believe that the corn and soy in almost every
packaged food item we buy has been developed not for a high standard
of health giving properties, but instead to work well with a herbicide.

You may be as surprised as I was to watch
The World According to

It has seemed to me for many years that the reason my grandfather who
ate out of his garden lived decades longer than
my grandfather who was
President of the American Farm Bureau Federation was because my
political farmer grandfather no longer ate home grown food. He most
often ate in restaurants as he traveled for work, and while that used to
seem to me as if it would be the most fun imaginable, I now think that
healthy food is far different from what looks like fun.

When I lived in London we regularly gave as well as went to dinner
parties. Some of my fondest memories are of sharing food, like the first
time, long before London, friends and I made spaghetti and shared it
with a bottle of Chianti. That was many years ago, but the memory
remains fresh and vibrant.

Food, Inc. and Forks Over Knives changed my thinking dramatically.
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Food, Inc.
Forks Over Knives
The contrast between GMO corn and Non-GMO corn is far more
dramatic than I would have imagined. For instance there's 6000 times
more of some nutrients in Non-GMO corn than GMO.

I now order a lot of
Organic food online.


On a cold morning in London, before we had central heating, I loved
doing dishes with the hot soapy water warming me almost as much as
my cup of coffee. But other than that, I'm not a fan. I like Quick Cleanup.
Countertop Dishwasher
Compact and efficient. If you don't have
room for a full size dishwasher, this is great!
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