US District Court
Time to Respond to

Local Rule 7.6
Timing of Responses
and Replies
Respond within 14
days of service

Fed.R.Civ.P. Rule 6
After Service by Mail:
add 3 days
I put this sign on my
wall in BIG type
because I could not
remember it and it was
making me anxious.
Action for Justice - Pro Se
It is at this point that
Tennessee v. Lane
would have saved this
part of my complaint
upon appeal. I don't
think it was decided
until my case was on
appeal. But by then I
had tetanus and it was
so painful and
debilitating that I
couldn't do the legal
things adequately.
The lawyer is arguing
in relation to the ADA,
Title I, which is not
what I filed suit under.

You really have to
watch lawyers as
they tend to lie and
stick up for each

In my foreclosure, the
lawyer I hired
mouthed the things
the bank lawyer had
said, even though I
kept telling her they
were wrong.

So she supported
him, in his lies. Not

You can see the
quotes in my
Corrected Revised

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