When I switched to Organic food from the GMO fare I was
used to, I tried to mimic my old choices.

I ordered Wolfgang Puck Organic Free Range Chicken
Soup with Egg Noodles instead of Campbell's Hearty
Chicken Noodle Soup. The Wolfgang Puck soup is really
good. I cook it slowly for an hour or two, till my whole house
smells like grandma's doing the cooking.

I love that once on Twitter Wolfgang Puck replied to me
when I said I love combining his free range chicken soup
with diced green chilies.

For awhile I was totally addicted ~ I had to have it every
day ~ I'd look forward to it all day long, and it never failed to
exceed my expectations.

Next I tried Muir Glen organic diced tomatoes. They
became the basis of so many different dinners. I could do
spaghetti, casserole, minestrone or any of an array of
different soups, not to mention stews.

When I add fresh Greek Oregano from my garden the flavor
is superb, but I can't always pick fresh so I ordered organic
oregano to have on hand. Lots of it! It gives meals a zest
that makes them more interesting, more satisfying. And, if I
ever try some taste combination that fails, I can do a quick
save by adding oregano and more olive oil.

The basic ingredient in most of my meals is organic short
grain brown rice. That's really how I started my
weight loss,
and how my health began to improve.

I tried buying brands other than Lundberg, and found them
vastly different. I mean not even remotely as good. Plus, I
love the little velcro-closing-bags ~~ I use them for all
different things because they're so easy to open and reseal.

Short grain brown rice is often called sticky rice because it
gets sort of thick and stuck together, sort of like dumplings
when you cook it with chicken.

One reason I gravitated to Campbell's then Wolfgang Puck
chicken soups is that when I first ate brown rice I cooked it
with chicken breasts and it was SO good, plus, the protein
helped reduce major
pain I was having.

Today when I know more about factory farms and their
over-the-top use of antibiotics to keep the crammed
together chickens alive, I don't fancy chicken the way I
once did, so no more buying packs of chicken breasts.

But, I do like Better than Bouillon ~ Organic Chicken. I'm
afraid I'm wrongly interpreting "Organic" in this case to
mean "Free Range." Thing is, it's so cost friendly and
delicious that it has me giving it the benefit of the doubt.
Plus, the jars work great in my
yogurt maker, they are
about two teaspoons of yogurt larger than the ones that
came with, so if you've broken an original jar, try this.

Pacific Naturals Free Range Chicken Broth comes in cost
effective packs of four, but it's still not as cheap as the
Better than Bouillon. So for the moment I'm keeping my
"free range" blinders on.

What makes Pacific Naturals Free Range Chicken Broth so
"best of all" is that it makes my home smell like rotisserie
chicken while it's cooking. It smells so good I had long
exchanges with Pacific Naturals about whether or not it
was really Organic. I mean, it was so good smelling it
seemed like it couldn't be that PERFECT.

I ordered all different kinds of organic pasta and decided I
like the Bionaturae organic fusilli the best. Yes, it's like the
pasta in Campbell's and Puck's soup, so maybe that's why I
like it, but I think it's my favorite because it keeps a nice
texture ~~ it stands out in the rice, it looks cute. And it has
a sort of fun feeling in my mouth, amid the sameness of the

Colavita olive oil is my favorite, by far. I love the bottle, too.
Olive oil, what can I say? It's a total YUM. It's amazing how
if I get the ratios of ingredients a bit wrong, I can add more
olive oil and bring the whole dish back to tasting Great.

7/15/2013 ~ My dinner tonight was so savory and delicious
that I'm writing about it so I can continue enjoying it.

I started with brown rice in less water than usual because
my candle (I cook over
candles) was not hot enough due to
having less paraffin than makes for a good, hot cooking
flame. I immediately added a healthy shake of turmeric ~ I
keep it in a Parmesan jar with wide holes for shaking out a
goodly amount, and a nice pour of Olive oil, plus about
eight shakes of finely powdered allspice. I prefer the
kubabas ~ the whole allspice ~ but there wasn't any
available where and when I was ordering last. Kubabas
were a must when my grandmother cooked chicken.

I let those ingredients get nice and hot and simmer for
maybe an hour, then I added a half teaspoon, about, of
Better than Bouillon Chicken Base.

That began to smell really good in no time at all, so I went
outside and picked a couple onion tops, 2 small stalks of
celery, a ripe tomato and a good bouquet of collards and
Indian spinach plants. I snapped off the roots off the Indian
spinach ~~ Indian spinach stems are excellent. If you've
kept your Indian spinach watered the stems are crispy like
celery, maybe even a bit more so. If a stem doesn't snap in
two, then I try again further toward the top leaves.

I added the goodies from my garden along with a generous
handful of  organic fusilli pasta. Then I watched a couple of
42 minute episodes, by which time it smelled so good there
was no way I could wait any longer to begin enjoying its
flavor as well as its savory fragrance.

Just a reminder, it's really easy to
grow healthy veggies in a
huge pot, or even a large pot, in the sun on your deck or
next to your kitchen door.

The difference in flavor between the veggies I grow and
those I buy in cans is enormous. I know everyone says that
but tasting brings the truth home to your tastebuds.

If you're hanging back from buying organic food, you may
be interested to hear that in the first two to three months
after I switched I lost 20 pounds, and that's without doing
anything else like exercising more or cutting out this or that.
Sadly the weight loss didn't continue... but 20 pounds is
certainly celebration worthy!

I love my weight loss so much my excitement eclipses the
improvements organic food made to my health. The
improvement was significant. Lots of it isn't good for a food
page, but it's important so I'll put a link here to
GMO vs

Organic food improved my health and created a significant
savings in my vitamins and supplements budget. In the long
run the switch seems to have saved me money overall.
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