5/25/04  I just received
the order, so I'm adding
the lawyer's last email, to
which I haven't yet
responded. These are in
typical email reverse
order, with the most
recently received on the

After them will be the
Order and Judgement.
I find it interesting that
the decision was,
according to the judges'
lawyer, done on the 19th,
but I haven't received it

And, the judge's
secretary, or her assistant,
but anyway, someone
named Barbara at the
judge's number, told me
this morning that a copy
to me was going out
I did file the IRS case
using the Taxable Income
material from that fellow
in Pennsylvania whose
name I forget.

I did file the Nichols case.

The St. Vincent case I did
not file with that court, I
filed it in state court and
the US attorney removed
it to US Court.It was
a federally funded clinic,
except in a few things,
like a pap smear I got...
so that was a bit

The Santa Fe case was
also removed from state
court. Because I was
given an opportunity to
amend in it, based on the
fact that amendment is
favored, I trusted I would
be able to amend in this
case, also.

But as far as I can tell, the
Order doesn't even
mention my several
requests in my
to Motion, to amend.
Action for Justice - Pro Se

I am beginning to work on
my Motion for
Reconsideration and
Leave to Amend
To clarify, the lawyer was
able to email me about the
Order way before I
received it because he
would have received it
nearly instantly by
electronic transfer.

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