Stress, Health and Longevity

On or about February 20, 2007 Nightline ran a segment
about how much taller the Dutch are and how much longer
they live than Americans. At some point Nightline's
commentator mentioned that the United States is 28th in life
expectancy, following European countries and Canada. (The
chart I found said 48th.)

I was somewhat surprised. I mean, aren't we constantly being
told how much better off we are than others? So, if we live in
the "best country" then shouldn't we have the best life

I decided to find a chart and see exactly who lived longer... I
found the following:

English poor healthier than rich Americans

When I began this page I had recently read an article about
poor English people, there is National Health Care in England,
being healthier than rich Americans.

Now that the health care debate is in full swing, I'm looking at
this page with new interest.

In is also interesting to view life expectancy as it might relate to
stress. Michael Marmot theorizes in his book,
The Status
, that people with less status die younger because
they have less control over their lives.

I see a clear link between stress and health because of the
affect of stress on vitamin B12 levels.
Your fingernails reflect your health --
Learn some warning signs --
Karen Kline
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Chart showing longevity of people in different countries