TD Ameritrade has been a health-boundary that bites

I was using TD Ameritrade to trade stocks and earn enough to cover my $800
mortgage payment every month. It felt good to be able to do that. But then TD
Ameritrade failed me. No surprise, without earnings I went into foreclosure.

TD Ameritrade changed its Command Center to a modern silvery gray and
added functions but it no longer showed me dollars and cents when I changed
an order
Under Price it showed only cents.
I emailed TD Ameritrade about the problem I was having, and they
Sent: Friday, January 19, 2007 4:10 PM
Subject: Re: Other (KMM35166578I17490L0KM)

Ms. Kline,

Thank you for taking the time to contact TD Ameritrade.  If you click
on Help in the upper, right corner of Command Center 2.0, you can
select to download the User Manual.  This is a pdf file that will offer
education of how to use the tool.


Timothy T.
Apex Technology Support, TD AMERITRADE
Division of TD AMERITRADE, Inc.
I could see that TD Ameritrade thought it was my problem, so I tried to
follow the directions. But no luck, so I wrote again:
Okay, I can't find it.

I've found the question mark, and I've read the stuff
in the pop up box, but I don't see something that says
it's a pdf file.

And and then again:
a search for "user manual" turns up 76 things, but that
certainly isn't one of the first things....

are you sure there is one for the Command Center?
To which TD Ameritrade responded:
Karen Kline,

Please look at the left side top of your page.  You will see TD
Ameritrade's Command Center 2.0.  Under this header will be
Layouts, Accounts, Tools, Preferences, Window, Help.  Click on
Help.  Now you will see Online Help, Download Manual (PDF),
Status Tool, About Command Center 2.0.

If you require further assistance, please reply to this message.

Holly H.
Apex Technology Support, TD AMERITRADE
Division of TD AMERITRADE, Inc.
So I replied:
Ah, first responder said to look on the right....
Next TD Ameritrade sent me instructions on how to change an order,
as if I didn't know how to do that, despite having been trading for a long
time before the change to Command Center. Still, I followed their
instruction then replied:
okay, when I trid that, changing my sell on Omni to 8.54,
when I hit enter it showed that I wanted to sell it for
54 cents.

that is very worrying.

and then, after that it is inert.

not very satisfactory.
Next TD Ameritrade sent me instructions on troubleshooting:
Ms. Kline:

To effectively troubleshoot the issues you are experiencing with the
TD AMERITRADE Command Center, please run the Compatibility
Check-up tool. To access this tool, log on to the TD AMERITRADE
Web site and follow the steps below:

- Click on the "Portfolio & Accounts" tab and select "Balance and
- On the left side of the page, look for the link that states: "Solve
technical troubles and optimize performance...see how the
Compatibility Check-up works."
- Click on "Compatibility Check-up."
- Answer the two questions under "Get Started" and select the "Go"

In addition to this information, please let us know the following:

- What is your IP Address? (You can find your IP address by going
- Are you running any firewalls or internet-security programs?  If so,
which ones?
- Please describe the issue. Include the time it began, and let us
know if this is your first time using the Streamer.


Michael I.
Apex Client Services, TD AMERITRADE
Division of TD AMERITRADE, Inc.
Because the Check-up tool had previously been more trouble than help,
I replied:
I ran it before and then was told to take the update 9
for Java out of my computer, which I did,thereby
rendering my SiteBuilder program in active.

I spent a whole day on it, and I just do not have time
for that today. I am not well, and this is a trying day by
way of health.

I resent that a tool I consistently used was taken away
from me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was so excited when TD Ameritrade emailed this:
Karen Kline,

The old command center is still available from the old web site. On
the new web site home page, click the Go to the old site link on the
right side of the page.


Larry W.
Technology Support, TD AMERITRADE
Division of TD AMERITRADE, Inc.
Oh, that sounds useful.

Thank you.
I wrote right back:
But then I couldn't find the link and wrote:
Where is the link?
When TD Ameritrade replied, notice that they wrote "IF" in caps:
Dear Ms. Kline:

IF it is available to you, the link to the old site is on the right side of
the Home page.


Frank S.
Apex Technology Support, TD AMERITRADE
Division of TD AMERITRADE, Inc.
I am making this page to warn others with disabilities. I am encouraged
to hope it will help because I saw the other night when using Google
that my B12 article has been read over 12,000 times at one site alone.
My TD Ameritrade page supports an article I'm writing about how we
disabled CAN do things if we have the accommodation we are entitled to
under the ADA.

A disability makes things take so much longer and it's so frustrating; this
is not any one thing in particular, but many things nearly every day.

For instance, before my disability I could easily remember things, now I
can't and I have to keep checking back. That was what made the new
Command Center such a problem: it didn't show the dollars, so I had to
repeatedly go back to see.

Given how much energy it takes to do things, it's best to find those
companies that accommodate, rather than fail us. Before anyone with a
disability, or anyone who supports the rights of those with disabilities,
uses TD Ameritrade I hope they read this page and see how TD
Ameritrade failed me.

I was planning to fund accounts for a five disabled people because of
how good it felt to be able to earn money. I was thinking of $1000 each if
by using Yahoo's financial tools they increased an imaginary thousand
dollars. But this happened.

I felt awful losing money because I wasn't fast enough anymore. I don't
want othersto feel bad because TD Ameritrade refuses to accommodate.
Losing money is terrible but worse is losing my ability to earn as if I were
not disabled.

What follows is the 10 problems I had with TD Ameritrade along with the
emails I sent and the replies from TD Ameritrade as I tried to get TD
Ameritrade to help me be able to trade normally again
1.) Here TD
says right.
1.) here TD
says left.
2.) Here TD tells me to
use a tool that made
3.) Here TD says
I can use the old
Center on the
old site.
3.) Here TD
says I can
"IF" in
Briefly, the 10 problems shown in the Emails are these:

1. First TD Ameritrade says Right, then it says Left.

2. TD Ameritrade says to use a tool which had previously made
SiteBuilder, the program I use in creating and maintaining this
website, stop working.

3.) TD Ameritrade says I can use the old Command Center on
the Old Site; then qualifies saying, "IF,"  and finally TD
Ameritrade admits I can't use it.

4.) TD Ameritrade ignores the problem I am having and tells me
how to get different colors.

5.) TD Ameritrade says I can still see Command Center exactly
as it was, despite my screen shot showing it no longer shows
dollars as well as cents.

6.) TD Ameritrade says there's no reason I can't use new
Command Center.

7.) TD Ameritrade reverts back to telling me to use the manual.

8.) TD Ameritrade insists the information they provided is what I

9.) TD Ameritrade insists it's not their problem.

10.) TD Ameritrade insists Command Center works, and as a
"courtesy" provides a button to old site. Only in it made
everything shut down for me.

11.) TD Ameritrade tech support provided the answer on
September 20, 2007, nine months after I asked for help on
January 19, 2007.

Health Boundaries Bite

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So I replied (this is 2 weeks after my first email about the problem, mind
You (someone) just wrote and said I could use the old
command center.

So which is it?

Can I use it?

or is it "IF"?
TD Ameritrade next wrote:
Dear Ms. Kline:

Thank you for allowing me to assist you today.  To make things
easier, you may try opening up the Command Center just like you
used to from the new site.  Then, click on the Classic tab in the
upper right corner to see the Command Center like it used to look.  
Let us know if this is satisfactory, since I show that your account
does not have access to the old Web site.


Amy C.
Apex Technology Support, TD AMERITRADE
Division of TD AMERITRADE, Inc.
4.) TD tells me
how to get the
old colors, but
not how to get
numbers to
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