Karen Marie Kline
    Santa Fe, New Mexico 87507
    June 4, 2013

    Dear Twitterers and Other Friends,

    I was in the kitchen making yogurt just now.

    Have you thought any more about making yogurt? I’ve been
    reading a lot of research papers about yogurt. There are
    several different micro-organisms that make yogurt, and they
    are what make us healthier when we eat yogurt with them in it.

    The bacteria do several different things. One thing that’s very
    important is that they get rid of bad bacteria. There are some
    very common bad bacteria that attach to the lining of our
    stomachs and cause ulcers, then cancer.

    But the good bacteria in yogurt start attaching to the lining of
    the stomach and intestines and they win out over the bad
    bacteria. Once the bad bacteria is gone we get more nutrients
    from the food we eat, especially vitamin B12 and magnesium.
    The bad bacteria keep us from getting almost any B12 or
    magnesium from the food we eat.

    Then, the second thing the good bacteria do is stimulate the
    lining of the intestine to form all sorts of immune things for us.
    The immune things have long names, so I won’t go to the
    research and copy the names here, because they aren’t the
    kind of thing we easily say to each other. They’re very
    scientific long names.

    However, you may have heard of interferon. It was in the news
    a lot a couple decades ago when it was learned that it could
    fight AIDS. I remember way back then hearing that you could
    get some interferon from yogurt. But the thing I was more
    interested in was how yogurt got rid of asthma, or at least
    reduced the attacks by a huge percentage. That was why I
    tried yogurt, and it did get rid of my asthma.

    Okay, so if you got into making yogurt I think you could make
    some that was really good tasting. You can put in jam to flavor
    it. You’d have to get organic ingredients because the other
    kind all have some amount of pesticide in them ~~ which
    obviously wouldn’t be good if you want to grow a good batch
    of good bacteria.

    Also, the yogurt I make tastes better when I make it using
    some goat milk. When you read about goat milk, people often
    suggest combining it with chocolate. I think the reason for that
    is that there’s a similarity in the flavor. I’m not saying goat's
    milk tastes like chocolate, I’m saying that there’s an aspect of
    its flavor that is very similar to an aspect of the flavor of

    If you got into making yogurt and talking about it, maybe your
    kids (or parents) would get interested and begin making it for
    their households.

    For kids with health problems from birth, yogurt could be very
    important in helping them to be healthy. I'm thinking of a
    friend's grandson who has had trouble with his intestines from
    birth. He's 18 months old now, with immune problems that keep
    putting him back in the hospital.

    Basically, our intestines are a major part of how our bodies
    keep us healthy. They are where a lot of immune related
    things are created from the food we eat, with the help of good
    bacteria. So if a baby doesn’t have as much intestine as kids
    who had an easier time to start, eating yogurt could help that
    baby, that child, have the healthiest intestine he can have,
    even if it’s not quite as extensive as that of most kids.

    Since I began writing about yogurt I ordered a little blender
    because I was having trouble stirring my yogurt mix enough.
    Sometimes my yogurt wouldn’t turn out, except for one jar.
    That was because the yogurt starter was clumped, not mixed
    into all of the milk mixture. So only that one jar had starter in it.
    You’d think I’d have seen the problem, but it wasn’t so easy to
    see. Now that I’m using the little blender I’m getting good
    yogurt every day.

    I think a larger blender might have been better, but this one
    was within my budget and it has a stainless cup. The plastic
    things are not quite as healthy to use.

    Please will you think about making yogurt? I really think you’d
    notice a big difference in your health and in your family's health
    if you could get them to make it, too.

    I hope you’re feeling better!


Letter to my friends about Yogurt and HEALTH

Read some Yogurt Research and Make Yogurt
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